Risotto of Peace and harmony…

How many of you think I have now lost the plot?? Attaining a feeling of peace is never easier than when making risotto – a popular food in our home. Ever tried making it?

Risotto takes about half an hour of constant stirring to make, and you can lose yourself in the risotto, constantly stirring in a clockwise fashion, over and over again. Think loving thoughts and think of happy and fun times whilst stirring and you are simply filling your family dinner magickally with love.

Look out a basic recipe and add whatever takes your fancy in the fridge and make a good honest meal for your loved ones and they will be getting a lot more than just food!

The value and power of Sea Salt…

Salt should be the first thing on the table at mealtimes and the last thing to be removed to guard the food and its diners, and always pass the salt with a smile!! Worried about the kids – then secretly throw salt after them as they leave the house and know its protective ability will help keep them safe until they return to you.

Coming from a fishing environment, I tend to add salt to my bath as a matter of course, but especially when not feeling well, as it cleanses the body takes away any negativity and illness, leaving me and my spirit revitalised and refreshed. Next time you run a bath, add a good handful of seasalt and soak for 20-30 minutes, then brush the skin with a body brush or loofah to get the blood flowing and remove toxins working from the feet up – guaranteed to make you feel alive!! Try it and see…

I also keep salt on my altar with a piece of jet to make a protective shield around my sacred space. In a clay dish filled with sea salt, I burn magickal incense to signify all 4 elements, By the way, it is unlucky to run out of salt; always keeping it on the altar ensures I never run out!! It is a sign of loss of health or weath or worse to come…so don’t do it!! Did you know that Roman soldiers were paid in Salt, as in “Worth his Salt” hence salary!!

Making your own smudge sticks…

They really are quite simple and can be done with the minimum of fuss or tools. All you need is fresh herbs and twine or string,

But what herbs? Sage, normal garden sage, rosemary and lavender are great to include but you can also add pine or eucalyptus if you have trees nearby, and even mints and thyme can be included and you can roll rose petals or other flowers within. To begin, put several branches together at the base and cut so the ends are together and the tops finish together…it just makes binding the stick together easier.

Cut a piece of twine 4 times the length of your bundle Tie the bottom of the bundle together with a knot at one end of the string, tighten around the bundle, then bind the bundle together, spiraling the twine up to the top of the bundle, then wrap back down crisscrossing the twine back to the base and tucking in any stray leaves. Tie the loose ends at the bottom. Hang your smudge up in a warm place to dry for about 3 weeks. You will then be good to light and smudge away, following tradition going back through the centuries and the ritual practices of the past!

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