The magickal power of Parchment…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 1st July 2015

Spells have always been written on parchment paper which was made from Sheepskin. Today, any hand-made paper can be used for this purpose as some paper isn’t really true paper and doesn’t burn as we need it to burn in magick.

If writing on “magickal” paper, you tend to focus more on what and how you are writing your need or wish, which helps you attain your goal and gets the magick movng…after all, this isn’t just a note for the milkman; it is a spell for your instructions to the Universe, so hand-made Parchment/paper makes it a little more special.

Store your paper in your magickal box of tricks or on your altar so it gains power whilst waiting for its use to occur, along with your magickal writing implement – mine is a beautiful fountain pen given to me on my 50th by my “coven inmates” as they are affectionally called!

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