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The Green Witch is your home for all of your Witchcraft supplies. We stock essential oils and creams, decorative candles and witchcraft jewellery.

Our Shop is now permanently closed. 

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Welcome to Ostara where day and night are now equal. The dark nights are done and we can look forward to the forthcoming lighter nights and better weather. I say better weather, but what I mean is better, once the storms associated with the equinox have passed… light and dark fights it out until light wins, so watch the stormy weather as can lead to stormy relationships!! Best advice is to just ride it out as only short-term!
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23rd March 2022

After 2 very busy weeks, we are now closed...permanently, as per Ostara newsletter. Now to pack up and empty the […]

7th March 2022
Ostara 2022

Ostara 2022…and the final countdown!! Welcome to 2022, the year I have been calling the year of ‘hope and change’. […]

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