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Welcome to Ostara where day and night are now equal. The dark nights are done and we can look forward to the forthcoming lighter nights and better weather. I say better weather, but what I mean is better, once the storms associated with the equinox have passed… light and dark fights it out until light wins, so watch the stormy weather as can lead to stormy relationships!! Best advice is to just ride it out as only short-terms!

We can start preparing for the sun to shine and get rid of those winter blues, inches and dust!! It is time to cleanse your home, cleanse your body and lose that winter coat. The body doesn’t let any extra weight go if it knows the cold is still around – it is stodge in winter, not salad! The rules are eat well, sleep well, and keep that immune system at full capacity until the equinox, and then it all begins afresh as we change our thoughts to sunny days and long summer evenings, bare legs and bikinis (I wish)!!

Ostara marks the time of fresh growth and new beginnings and we should grasp it with excitement and hope of what the year has to offer and what is yet to come!! I always find this time really exciting…but especially this Ostara as it is so special…
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