A Witch’s broomstick

By: Green Witch
Posted: 8th March 2019

The essential Magickal broomstick

Of all the witch’s tools, the favourite is probably the broomstick, alongside the cauldron, the hat and the black cat, and all witches have one somewhere, even if just a small one for the altar. One proudly stands in my home, a 2ndstands at the shop door when I open up after I have swept the previous day’s negativity out of the premises, and a 3rdhovers above the counter so the children know where my transportation is parked!! 2 more small ones live on my altar, one plain and another decorated to the Goddess.

Brooms were a household tool of the past, now replaced by the vacuum, more efficient for the dust but less so for the negativity! Typically, a good broomstick would consist of birch twigs tied around a hazel handle.

Brooms are great given as gifts. A new broom sweeps clean…so makes a great housewarming present, but also a broom given to a newly-wedded couple and used for them to jump as their 1stattempt at overcoming an obstacle together is a lovely present. The broom can be decorated with relevant colours and charms for happiness, luck, protection, abundance, fertility and other good wishes you might want to bless the home or couple with. Magickal symbols can be carved into the handle and it can be anointed with love or prosperity oil. Get creative and you can create a unique gift to be kept by the recipient for a lifetime.

When a couple have a child, a mini broom can be made for the baby and hung in their room for protection. Don’t forget yourself…make a magickal love broom and hang from your newly blessed bed. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless…!!

Unwanted visitors…

It is said that if people come to visit and overstay their welcome, turn your broomstick so the handle is downwards, then stabbing the brush part with a fork…this will encourage them to leave!!

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