Pentagram – symbol of the witch

By: Green Witch
Posted: 26th June 2015

What is a pentagram?

Well, if you have been into the shop, you will see me wearing mine with pride. It is the five-pointed star that represents man receiving the divine light from above. At the end of the day, healers, whether a witch (like me), spiritualist or Christian, are all working for the same thing. We all work with the white light for the good of all. The pentagram represents this receiving of the light from above. Symbolism of the Pentagram is representative of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the fifth Element, Spirit or Akasha, as it is sometimes known.

It is a symbol of protection as well. Sometimes, they come surrounded by a circle, again, the circle of protection and the circle of life. A pentagram made from silver carries the strength and energy of the moon – females usually favour this, whilst one from gold has the energies of the Sun. I actually wear one of each for balance and never remove either – ever.

As a witch, I have pentagrams everywhere. I draw them when I write receipts, letters etc, I have one at my door to protect my home, one on the wall above my altar, one in the kitchen where I make my products – everywhere. A witch uses the pentagram like a Catholic would use the cross and rosary. It is simply a sign of knowledge, wisdom and protection. So don’t hide yours. Wear it with pride.

As you shouldn’t be without your pentagram, I have now built up a collection of them in silver so check out the Mystical Silver section

Make your own lavender pentagram…

When Lavender is in flower in the gardens and, if you have some available, make a wall pentagram to allow peaceful and protective vibrations to penetrate your abode…here’s what to do:

Cut at least 30 stalks of lavender flowers and dry them by tying them together and hanging them upside down in an airing cupboard/warm area (not kitchen). When dry, lay them in bundles of 6 to form a pentagram and tie them at each point, overlapping the bunches to make your symbol. Hang above the now protected front door

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