The Magick and meaning of Colours

By: Green Witch
Posted: 5th July 2015

Anyone knows that the colour of a room can affect the feel of a room so we put calming colours in the bedroom and happy colours in the kitchen. The same with clothes – you can tell a lot by colours people are wearing as to their moods and others dye their hair to match their state of mind!!
The energising colour of Orange
Ever had your breathe taken away by a sun rise or set complete with its bright orange sky? It is a marvel to behold and is orange at its best, marking the beginning or the end of the day in the most optomistic way. Orange is a warm, fun-loving colour but what does it mean to our psyche? Orange is stimulating and self-reliant. Orange is fun; the life and soul of the party, breaking down barriers and shattering illusions. Orange is even the colour of divorce; with every ending there is a new beginning!! It gives you that energy to face life and its consequences and change it!! Try wearing orange if you need a boost, are feeling down in the dumps or going through a rough time and you will see how much better and stronger it can make you feel!!
Crystals: Carnelian, tangerine quartz, sunstone
Yellow – The colour of Sunshine…
As mentioned above, when we think of spring, we associate yellow with the season. The daffodils bring the first yellow of the season and these cheer up our homes and brings us hope. The yellow yolk of the egg is rich and is the symbol of new life, another symbol of Ostara. Yellow is the colour of optimism and confidence – wear a yellow jumper and see how much happier and energised you feel!! It helps boost low self esteem and allows clear thinking. Eating yellow foods help rid you of toxins – think of lemons, grapefruit, bananas, melon, squash, sweetcorn and peppers – and help bring sunshine into your body – no more feeling down with the yellow inside and out. Think about honey and its healing properties; it can only be made from the sunshine given to plants to make yellow nectar to be collected by the yellow bees and will boost the immune system with its golden liquid. Sun on our skin makes Vitamin D, which helps heal our body and instantly makes us feel better, and the colour helps to create that feeling around us – a warm yellow room will make a dim room much brighter and make you more positive as a side effect! It activates the senses and the body, just like a sunny day. Utilise this colour more around the home and you will soon feel as cheerful as a sunny day. So, try and put a little yelllow in your life every day and see results before your own eyes…at least until the sunshine comes back.
Crystals: Citrine, yellow jasper, amber
Shades of purple…
To get purple/violet, you simply combine red and blue making it both the beginning and the end of the cycle in vibrational terms. Red is energetic fire, focus and passion whilst blue is cool, calm and quiet. Mix them together and you have imagination combined with inspiration. It expands our world into the unknown perhaps using the spiritual world to help make the physical world more bearable.
Violet is needed in your life to provide balance when you need to speed the natural healing ability of the body, when you need inspiration to find answers to the problems of today and remove obstacles in your life, and when you need to energise your life to be rid of lethargy and depression. Introducing violet into your life can make a difference, whether it is as simple as carrying, wearing or sleeping with a purple crystal, adding lavender to the bath, painting a wall purple or simply wearing purple knickers, and if, like me, you find you are suddenly drawn to purple, you may now understand why.
Crystals: Amethyst, Iolite, Charoite, Lepidolite
Black – colour of Samhain
Black is the colour when we think of Samhain or when we think about death. Black is devoid of colour as the Earth is devoid of life at this time. It is a colour of Protection and thinking inward. It is the colour of our base chakra – the very root of our being and our connection to the Earth. It is the colour of the night sky and of coal. It is a defensive colour as we give nothing about ourselves to others and if you wear nothing but black, then maybe you are saying there is nothing to look forward to and should try and introduce a little colour to your wardrobe even if it is just a scarf or jewellery!!
Crystals: Black tourmaline, Black onyx, Jet, Black Kyanite
Green – the colour of Beltane
Green is the order of the day at Beltane. Ladies usually wear ivy or hawthorn around their head and put on their greenest finery for the day to represent nature itself. In magick, green represents the Element of Earth, the heart chakra, the colour of money and material matters, the energy of Venus and fertility & growth.
In healing, green is harmony, positivity and self-acceptance and connected to the heart. It is the colour of money and abundance and is to attract the good life, not only for yourself but to share with those close to you. Green is also associated with our sense of freedom and the ability to express our true self. Green is good for fatigue in both mind and body, something everyone seems to be suffering at the moment as it enhances physical stamina. Perhaps that’s why green foods such as lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, green pepper, peas, green beans and broccoli all become important on the plate after the hardness of winter. They also help to detox the body. Apples, avocado, limes, green olives and kiwi fruit and fresh herbs are also important and all these fruit and vegetables should be eaten to take in the green and all its essential nutrients. Try taking a walk in the countryside to enjoy nature’s fresh fragrant green and take in that feeling of peace and calm. To boost the qualities of green, carry crystals such as Jade, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, green Kyanite, green Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Malachite, Moss agate, Emerald, Peridot, green Calcite, green Garnet and green Jasper and let the green feed our need to expand and grow and restore physical and mental vitality.
Red – the colour of Yule
When I think of Yule, I think of deep red wine coloured candles sprinkled with a little gold and the red berries on the Holly Red can vary from the brightest scarlet to the deepest Ruby. It is the colour of blood, the vital ingredient for life and the colour of a good Rioja, another vital ingredient to life (proven by science now in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s, blood pressure and any other excuse I can think of!).
Magickally, Red brings protection and passion to your home and to your life. Wear red and it shows you are full of passion, courage, excitement and fight. If you are shy, wearing red will help you bring yourself out and put some action in your life. Eat red foods as a pick-me-up – foods like red apples, strawberries, cherries, radishes and red peppers will help restore energy and drive…and spices like cayenne and chilli will soon put petrol back in your tank!! If you’re drained and your zest has dwindled, put on some red underwear or don some cherry-red lipstick and see how quickly things change. I love my red shoes – they revive my passion for life when I feel tired or drained…and it is me having a bit of a rebellion too!! Carry red crystals in your pocket and bring some passion back into your life. Red crystals include red jasper, Ruby and red garnet
Pink – the colour of love
Pink is a mix of the purity of white with the passion of red, and is regarded as a feminine colour but actually balances the male and female sides of your personality whatever the sex. It is also called the colour of love, as it represents caring and tenderness. Pink is calming and reassuring and can stop any aggression in its tracks… scientific proof shows that holding cells painted pink calm down any aggressor and stop violent behaviour – it seems to just sap the aggressive and violent tendencies!! The deeper shades of this combo colour improve self-confidence and assertiveness, whilst the paler colours are supportive of self-worth and self-acceptance. In healing, the mix of red and white not only helps heal the physical effects of illness, but the emotional fears that serious illness brings to the fore. When you need a little calm and self-love, just reach for the pink!
Pink crystals; Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline and mangano-calcite
Light Blue…a colour of peace
Blue is the colour of the sea and of the sky. It is cooling, cleansing and peaceful. It can be pretty baby blue, aqua coloured green-blue or deep indigo blue. Indigo will be covered later as I am meaning the blues of the daytime sky or the crystal clear colour of a paradise sea. Blue is magickally used for healing, love, peace, friendship, dreams and meditation. Wearing the colour can make you feel calmer and more relaxed as it soothes the entire body & mind, relieving insomnia and lowering blood pressure, and is the colour of choice for bedrooms and bathrooms for those very reasons. After all, these are the rooms you want to relax, heal and sleep in and you are simply using colour magick to aid these benefits.
Blue crystals: blue lace agate, blue calcite, celestite,
Indigo blue – a colour not to be messed with…
Indigo is the colour of the night sky and connects to our 3rdeye to help you focus on personal issues that need to be addressed, whilst quietening normal mental processes, allowing you to actually think!! The lighter blues help with communication with others, whilst the indigo helps thought processes and insight into personal stuff. The sky in daytime can make you feel better, but the night sky makes you ponder stuff…it is that simple.
To bring indigo into your life, wear navy, eat blueberries, burn dark blue candles and carry a dark blue stone in your pocket, and connect to your inner self. It is the only practical way to find your solution
White – the colour of snow
White is virginal and pure – the colour of snowdrops and milk, of clouds and young brides, of freshly driven snow and the surfing horses of a stormy sea. Take in the sight of snow covered mountains or the reflection of a full moon in the sea and feel all anxiety & stress just melt away. Eating white foods such as rice, turnips, onions and parsnips will help cleanse the body and putting salt into your baths will help you detox it. Rub the body with salt to exfoliate and try coconut oil afterwards as a natural skin moisturiser to soften and protect the skin. Use the white to assist you. Magickally, putting on white clothing/underwear can help purify the body. It can assist with removing doubt, eliminating bad habits and easing depression, allowing you to find true peace within. Each day, as you dress, visualise the white from your clothing entering your body through your energy field and lifting these issues from you as you wear the white apparel. Repeat this process daily until the problem is eliminated.
White crystals: Snow quartz, selenite, azeztulite, white calcite & rainbow moonstone

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