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By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 7th March 2018

Ever wandered by the sea or a river and let your mind wander around all the stones on the beach or riverbank? Then, next time, use the time to look for an object of power – the witch’s holey stone.

Holey stones cannot be bought. You cannot go out and purchase a crystal donut and expect that to work for you in the same way. You have to find one – a gift from the sea and a blessing from the Goddess indeed. They are pieces of stone that have had a hole worn all the way through naturally by sea and sand, and are very magickal indeed.

My collection has pride of place on my altar awaiting their time to be used. If you visit the shop, you will see one hung above the door to protect my business. They would, in days gone by, be used to protect animals by hanging above stables and barns, be hung on the bow of boats to bring the sailors/fishermen back safely from the sea, be hung over beds to prevent nightmares, and be worn to protect from Fairie folk, the magick being that it enabled the wearer to see the enchanted folk and thus not be tricked by them.

They we used to ensure a healthy pregnancy, to heal every ailment going, to bring luck to you, or solve your problems. A magickal stone indeed, what ever you decide to use it for. However, a holey stone is only effective if used by the person who found it, or if it is given to you by one who loves you.

To use a holey stone for healing, first find the holey stone given by the sea. This must be kept purely for healing and never used for anything else. Run a bath and place a handful of sea salt and the holey stone into the bathwater. Then get in and close your eyes whilst lying in the water. Now, visualise your health problem, see it being released from your body and absorbed into the water and into the stone. Continue with this magic as long as the ailment lasts and ensure the stone is kept in a safe place. Magickal indeed!!

Crystals for arousing that passion in life

When tired or down or feeling under the weather, I reach for my jewellery and crystals and tool myself up to change my attitude and turn things around. Life is a challenge and we have to face the battle and win the war so we can live and love and be happy. Crystals give added support when you need it most

Here are my favourites:

Citrine (natural)– Sunshine stone for health, wealth and happiness

Ruby– inspires passion and vigor for life, confidence and joy whilst banishing sadness and negativity

Chrysoprase– a stone of luck and will attract friends, joy and happiness

Peridot– a sunny stone to rid you of negative people, guilt and lethargy, and allow you to follow your desires to joy

Amethyst– calms stress and fears whilst raising hopes and happiness

Labradorite– balances work, rest and play, and encourages faith and trust in you, to transform your life your way.

Carry crystals and wear jewellery to help you move your life to one of living and loving life…good luck!!

Changing your luck…with a stone or two

Sometimes we need a symbol to turn our luck and thought patterns around. So, here are a few crystals that can help achieve that and, by carrying one or two or more in your pockets, will keep hope and luck alive and rid you of those negative ways by attracting those things that really matter.

Amber is a resin, not a stone and has been used for nearly every purpose. Amber attracts friends to the lonely and happiness to those unhappy with their lot. Worn near the heart, it can attract a partner and to those wanting a family, it can aid fertility. It will protect those who feel in danger and stimulate healing to those who are ill. Not a bad start as attracts money too so the list of needs is completely fulfilled…unless you carry it with Jettoo, which is known as Black Amber. Carry the two together for good fortune.

Aventurine is a good luck talisman and money magnet. It is also a gambler’s talisman too for those who like risk!

Chalcedony promotes calm and peaceful feelings, energy and success in all undertakings whilst Chrysoprase, which is apple-green chalcedony will protect you, attract money, friends, luck and happiness whilst dispelling negativity, envy, tension and stress (check out my new earrings!!).

Chiastolite (or the Fairy cross-stone) balances the four elements within you, attracting luck and magickal power. This is a lucky “giveaway” so is our Yule stone. Produce your loyalty card at the shop before Yule and get yours!!

Lepidolite is a lilac colour often filled with mica. As well as attracting luck, it promotes spirituality and calms the stresses and strains of everyday living, soothing anger, hatred and all those other negative emotions…simply hold the stone and breathe deeply!! Place next to a lit pink candle for a calmed home too especially if the stone contains pink tourmaline too…this is the stone of reconcilliation for relationships so all will be well again soon!!

Tiger’s eye is a fire/sun stone and promotes courage against adversity, strength in your convictions and protection against danger. It promotes money and wealth when alongside a burning green candle and the warmth of the stone gives energy to the body in those weak or ill. Also helps when dealing with dilemmas…

Turquoise, if carried or worn, is lucky and attracts good fortune, whilst also attracting friends and promoting pure joy. It will keep travellers safe, and protect good health. If carried by lovers, it will promote matrimonial harmony and ensure you “blend” with each other. Finally, as a gift, turquoise bestows wealth and happiness on its recipient. Something for everyone in this list to have a good new year so fill your pockets and change your luck next year!

Stones for love

A gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune to mean something, so give the one you love a stone to strengthen your relationship.

If you don’t have partner at the moment, give yourself a stone to attract someone to you; emerald will attract love, as will moonstone, rhodochrosite and peridot.

Rose quartz will stimulate love between couples, whilst wearing a rose or amethyst heart-shaped necklace will help draw love to a single’s life.

Give pearls to strengthen a relationship and amber to help increase the physical pleasures, whilst an exchange of amethyst, the stone of pure true emotional love, will strengthen a couple’s commitment to each other.

To reconcile a relationship or calm those negative emotions than can destroy a couple, place a piece of lepidolite and pink tourmaline in the bedroom, whilst giving a piece of sapphire to your partner will guard your love and help keep it safe and turquoise will help promote marital harmony – perfect!!

Give a heart to the one you love
You can spend a fortune on scentless flowers that will last a week or give someone you love a crystal heart that will last forever for less money but more meaning! Which one will you give to make someone’s day, whether on Valentine ’s Day, Mother’s day or any other day just because…:

Rose Quartz heart says “I love you and am thinking of you” and also says “Sorry” whatever the situation
Clear Quartz heart is for mind, body and spirit, lifting vibrations and enhancing intuition – does the lot
Amethyst heart as a gift brings happiness, good fortune and spiritual connection
Chevron amethyst heart is for soul connection and soul mates
Tiger eye heart helps the receiver determine the past life connection with the giver
Lepidolite heart creates harmony and connectedness between giver and receiver
Aventurine heart draws luck in love and abundance in opportunities
Carnelian heart opens doors to success and aids healing of family issues
Smoky Quartz heart keeps you safe and protected and removes emotional blockages
Sodalite heart creates inner harmony whilst easing outer conflicts and creating positive goals for the future
Rhodonite heart helps release your emotional fears and helps you achieve maximum potential

And these are just a few… Which one will you give the one you love the most?

Emerald for love, Ruby for passion

Emerald is the green part of the Beryl family, along with Aquamarine (blue) and Morganite (pink). I have crystals in a sparkly mica base as well as tumbles in the stone, and this is the stone of pure love. We all want to be loved. Love makes the world go round. It stirs the blood and fires the imagination of writers and poets everywhere and none of us want to be without it; it’s what makes us ‘human’.

Emerald helps attract love into our lives. Purchase a special crystal that is purely to help enhance your love life.

Cleanse it first and keep aside in a pink pouch until needed. When ready to receive love, hold the emerald next to your heart, tell the crystal exactly the type of person you are looking for, and ask the emerald to help attract that special person to you. Then carry it daily next to your heart to attract love into your life’. You can either put it in a spiral and wear around the neck over the heart, or hide it in a top pocket or bra.

Now to the passion of Ruby. Ruby is part of the corundum family alongside Sapphire. I just adore wearing ruby!

Ruby enhances your own power and love of life. It attracts friends into your life to have fun with, and instills a passion for life and for living. If you want to enhance passion in your relationship, purchase a ruby just for this end, and keep it aside in a red pouch until needed. Cleanse and, when you want to inspire more passion with your partner, take out the ruby and hold it next to your heart. Close your eyes and see you and your partner together in a passionate embrace, and ask the crystal to help restore the passion that you had earlier in your relationship. Place next to the bed. Leave there over the next wee while until passion has been restored and fun and frolic are back. Place back in the bag and put away until needed again! Ooo la la…

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