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By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 8th March 2019

You need a journal to write your dreams into – whether a lockable diary-type, a beautiful spiral book or a Leather-bound Dream Book – whatever pleases you, plus a small note book and pencil which will live by your bed or under your pillow for you to jot down notes on waking. Dreams are vivid when you wake up, whether through the night or with the alarm, but fade very quickly. You can use the pad and pencil to scribble down as quickly as possible as much information as is vivid when you wake, even in the dark, before getting out of bed. Write down as much detail as possible –sensations, feelings, places, colours, smells, objects, etc and date each entry like a dream diary.

The reason I suggest a pad and pencil as well as a book is that I wake up through the night, sometimes twice, so I will be scribbling stuff down in the dark – it will be untidy and disjointed. I can then copy the notes/symbols down into the Dream Diary in the morning, with the notes reminding me what my thoughts were on waking, even if it was only briefly. If you just want to use a journal, then do so. When you refer to your notes/transfer your notes in the morning to your diary, let them process and recap, then try to interpret what they mean underneath.

There are lots of listings and books out there, though I always found that my brain didn’t necessarily follow someone else’s thoughts so you might need to check a few out. Make notes at the bottom of the page as to your interpretation. These might mean things, or they might be your brain re-filing stuff that have happened through the day! By creating a Diary of Dreams, when things happen in your life, you can refer back and see if you were psychically aware of it before it occurred.

An example for you…I always told my guides if they wanted to pass a message through dreams, make it obvious. I dreamt it was Christmas day and my shop neighbour rang to ask why all my stuff was outside on the pavement, and had something happened? I ran down to find that my landlord had sold the property to someone who had given it as a present to his wife as a surprise, along with the Landlords spare set of keys. She went along to view her present and decided she didn’t want a witches’ shop but would create her own thing, and was putting all my shop contents on the pavement. My shop was no more! I awoke panicking and for a moment, didn’t know if it was real!

Shortly after the dream, another village business had a problem with his roof and the landlord asked him to vacate whilst structural repairs were carried out. A long-forgotten Scottish law was then secretly used to sell the premises and he lost his business overnight! Remembering the dream, I went into panic mode again. It could also happen to me so I began negotiations with the landlord and my bank, and bought the shop premises a few months later. The message had been very clear and I followed the instructions and guidance given!! Panic over!

So, if you want to learn about your psychic side of your brain, start a dream journal  and see if you can make your brain magickally work for us while you sleep!

Crystals and oils to enhance good sleep and dream recall

Most people know lavender is a good restful oil for sleep but that doesn’t close off the psychic side of the head. Also adding a drop Clary Sage to your pillow should help enhance your dreams and your ability to remember them.

A lot of crystals can help good dreams and dream recall. The one I would recommend using is Amethyst but Dream Quartz, red jasper or Herkimer diamonds can also be effective. Mine will be a nice large tumble that fits nicely in my hand, but I also wear an amethyst bead bracelet to bed. Programme your dream crystal by cleansing in incense smoke for a few minutes, then hold in your dominant hand and request it help you with your dreams.  Hold or place under your pillow nightly for a dreamy night, and hold when writing/recapping in your journal. Happy dreams

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