Wishing on the Winds

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Wind directions in magick…

Mostly, people think wind is wind and just a nuisance, but we can utilise this fantastic energy in our magick. Hang a strip of heavy fabric or a long sock in your garden or on the washing-line. This is to help you instantly work out the direction of the wind, or you can simply watch the treetops out of the window as your guide to which way the wind is blowing. Once you know your directions from your window, the sock will stream in the opposite direction to the wind; so if the sock is blowing to the south, it is a northerly wind that blows that day!

The cold wind from the North comes from the snow and is the bringer of change. This wind can be used to help us get rid of negative aspects; depression, anxiety, anger and jealousy can all be magickally helped by being blown away by the wind of the North and this wind will also help bring material things to us such as a new home.

The fresh, warm East wind blows from the direction of the Sun and this wind is used for new beginnings and changes such as a new job, a new study course or similar wishes to help bring about major life changes.

The hot fiery wind of the South gives excitement, energy and power to any spells cast in this direction. Use this wind for increasing energy or passion, for healing or purification, or for destroying disease or bad habits.

The cool, moist wind from the West usually brings the water to moisten our land, whether as mist or rain. It is a gentle but fertile wind and this is the direction we use for the area of love and fertility.

Now for…‘Wishing on the Wind’…
With a selection of choices from North, East, South and West, you can have the wish powder for your need ready to go on that first windy day.

When the right wind begins to blow, just go to a local open high spot, such as cliffs like we have here. When the wind begins to blow with attitude, pour the herbal mix into your power hand and clench your fist. Visualise your wish or need whilst raising your clenched fist into the air. Wait for the gust to blow, open your fist slowly and let the wind take the blend as you say a few magickal words to set it in motion.

Working alongside the wind, do all in your power to help this action take hold i.e. you won’t just get a job, you need to apply for appropriate jobs…get it?? You can make your wishes as often as you need, provided the wind plays along and blows in the right direction for you!!
Wishing on the Wind available instore each or get the set of four directions and let Lady Luck blow your way.

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