What is Divination??

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 7th February 2018

What is divination, I hear you ask?

Well it is the art of finding answers using simple tools, such as a crystal ball, runes or pack of Tarot cards. As a lot of you will know, I am a tarot reader. Back again to Lincolnshire – Tarot was considered evil, but ouija boards were fine. How things change as anyone who has tried to purchase a ouija board from me will know.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and sometimes have good press, sometimes bad. They foretell life of man in picture form from birth to death, and act as a guide as to how to deal with all the problems and issues in between. The cards simply offer advice from the world of spirit and fate, but your life and destiny is in your own hands. Fate won’t go by you, but the rest is up to you. Tarot is very misunderstood, as anyone who lives near the shop will know. The church regard Tarot as the work of the Devil, but of course the Devil is not part of my religion so is therefore irrelevant to me. It is a simple form of enlightenment, that is all. All good witches can read the future in some way, whether scrying with a crystal, being psychic and gaining the information direct from the world of spirit, or by Tarot, which was the form used by the Romanies, and how Tarot travelled throughout Europe from the 14th Century till the present day.

A simpler way of finding out answers is using a pendulum. Now this can be a necklace, a pendulum, even a ring or a door key on a piece of cotton – in fact anything that will swing. It may take time to find a pendulum, but you will find one when the time is right. This is the device that your spirit guide will move to answer your questions. Simply ask a question, such as “Am I female?” and follow with “Am I male?” Obvious questions with all too obvious answers and the pendulum should give two different directions – mine goes in circles for yes and straight lines for no. All guides are different; they move the pendulum in whatever way is easiest for them, so you have to get the yes/no movements correctly determined. When asking a question, simply hold the question in your mind. Do not determine the answer for yourself. Keep your mind blank and let spirit answer. If the pendulum wobbles, it simply means that you do not need to know the answer at this time. Another thing to remember is that, if spirit thinks you will change the course of events by knowing the correct answer, they will give you another answer, knowing that you will change things, if you see what I mean. That way, the outcome is the same and you have not changed your future by trying to prevent something that is meant for you. I use my pendulum to determine not only my love life etc, but remedies for different people, what is going to be needed etc. I have often said that the shop isn’t mine; I am simply the person on this plane seemingly in charge. Maggie, the spirit of the shop, who was the wise woman and prescribed the lotions and potions in the last century from the same premises, has simply returned to continue where she left off. The premises have simply returned to what they always were. Fascinating, isn’t it!!

So, try a bit of divination for yourself, but remember to always treat the world of spirit with the utmost of respect, and never ask “Is there anybody there”, as you really are asking for trouble. Good spirit guide you, evil have to be invited in. Ouija boards are an open invitation to those mischievous and not-so-nice spirits, so just don’t go there please.

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