Spells for Safe Travel

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Its holiday time so here is my Travel protection…

When we are heading for holiday time, I always apply magick to travelling…of course!! Here’s what I do to ensure safe arrival of me and my luggage…oh and him too!!

Magickal Travel Protection pouch & crystals:

We make travel pouches at the shop because I always place one in my case within the lining, along with a piece each of cleansed amber, moonstone and quartz. With all items in my hand, I said the following:

“All is safe whilst I’m away, enjoying a perfect holiday
So luggage, take care and meet me there, all secure and some to spare”

I then popped the items into the lining of the suitcase. There they now stay for the duration of the life of the suitcase. Do this for each suitcase you have…programmed from the first trip if possible like my new cases.

A wee tip:

I also do a similar thing with the same items in vehicles – travel is travel and I like to keep my car safe too because there are so many idiots on the roads…just hang them from the mirror!
I always travel with pearls in my hand luggage, not because I am posh but pearls are a natural protector when flying over water, sailing on water or travelling through a tunnel under it. Even if I am going on a night out to Edinburgh, it is a good bet to wear pearls as I am travelling over water even to get to our Capital.

If you are going on a cruise, here is another wee tip: take a small pack of cards…see those that come out of the Christmas cracker, perfect!! Why you may ask? Well, if it gets stormy, you simply toss the cards into the waves to help calm a rough sea. Sounds odd but it worked for Christopher Columbus!!

Final suitcase protection spell…

When you are packed and ready to leave, each and every holiday or break, and that suitcase has its final bits in, zip up the suitcase, hold onto the handle(s) and close your eyes. Imagine a silver cord between you and your suitcase(s), see yourself getting to the final destination and see your suitcase(s) trundling on the conveyor belt first and take them off. Now state out loud:

My bags are packed and I am ready to go
On my much needed holiday to sand, sea or snow
When I get to my destination, you’ll be waiting there for me
All our bags, safe and secure, this is my will so mote it be…

You are good to go and so I am…happy holidays!!

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