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By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Over 5000 people die of influenza every year in Britain if not more, but is there media panic about it? No! However, half the country is living in fear of a virus that will probably disappear as quickly as Bird flu did…do you remember we were all going to die of that too? Where did it go??

Over 5000 people die of influenza every year in Britain if not more, but is there media panic about it? No! However, half the country is living in fear of a virus that will probably disappear as quickly as Bird flu did…do you remember we were all going to die of that too? Where did it go?? Now, if people suspect they have Swine flu, they can get a prescription without seeing a doctor. So, the worried well & hypercondriacs everywhere can take drugs they don’t really need with side effects the body ain’t going to like that will probably make your more ill than the Swine flu – which, although it is a very contagious strain of influenza, being able to live on surfaces longer than other strains, it is actually mild in comparison to most strains of flu, and the only people who are having difficulty with it seem to be those with other underlying health problems. If you are well and healthy and you get this virus, you are not, in all probability, going to be really ill or die and a few simple measures will ensure your rapid recovery. Obviously, if you suddenly get the flu (and that isn’t a cold guys!!) and are very ill, then do call your Doctor for help (because it won’t be in the form of a sniffle – you won’t be able to get out of bed due to pain, illness and fever!!).

However, this pandemic-fever is causing the NHS to be overloaded because of all the hype so here are some simple Green Witch measures which I have put in place in my own household and will follow should the virus hit one of us (this even happens when colds strike too)


  1. One of the first steps is to ensure your immune system is as good a defence system as it can be. Daily intake of Thyme or Echinacea tincture will ensure the body’s defence system gets under way ready for any invader and reach the area of attack quickly and halts the spread of any infection. Echinacea should be only taken for 3 weeks, then a rest taken for a few days to ensure the body doesn’t get used to it but this isn’t required for Thyme. Thyme works better for ‘O’ blood types, and when the body is stressed or overtired. Echinacea is better for the other blood groups and for children, who should take 1 drop per year of the age three times daily (e.g. 6yr old will take 6 drops x3).
  2. Another wonder I rely on to keep my system functioning correctly is Vitamin C. I take 1000mg every day but double that at the first sign of any infection. This is what I call the “cleaner-upper” as it increases activity in the body to enable the destruction of viruses and other pathogens.
  3. In my constant fight against Candida, Oregano oil has become a favourite of mine, again taking it every day and never travelling anywhere without it for digestive issues. However, I didn’t connect the two when colds etc were quickly dealt with by my body, until I discovered the anti-bacterial activity of Oregano oil. It helps relieve respiratory infections such as coughs and catarrh, so I recommend taking this if any infection begins in your area sould you not be taking it for candida or other issues already.
  4. The bad summers of the last two years has, as mentioned in previous newsletters, left us deficient of Vitamin D which the body produces itself from the sun. Over-using sun block especially on children has left some deficient too and this deficiency may be linked to the occurrence of influenza. Vitamin D3 also enhances anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity in the body, so would be worth supplementing if your system is down or overtired and you don’t get out as much as you should i.e. elderly or ill.
  5. Zinc is another saviour as an anti-viral and for your immune system, so take if white spots appear on your fingernails as this shows your levels are down (mine are at the minute so have been taking extra zinc and will continue until the white spots have gone)

Aromatherapy is extremely useful for fighting infection. It is amazing how many oils sat in your cupboard are actually anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic, so great for preventing the spread of infection in your home.

  1. Use a vapouriser daily in the home or office to keep infection to a minimum, using oils such as tea tree, thyme, citrus oils, pine and eucalyptus. One of my favourite blends are tea tree, lemon and pine but lavender, niaouli, ravensara, bergamot, cinnamon, clove and orange to name but a few will all help keep your home infection free.
  2. Wipe all kitchen and bathroom surfaces with citrus oils on the dishcloth and this will help keep surfaces infection free and reduce the risk of contamination
  3. Add tea tree or niaouli to all baths for all the family (daily if possible) to ensure the immune system is kept tip-top. This will slow down or kill any virus that may be attempting to invade. The skin is your biggest organ and this is a simple way of effectively boosting the immune system at bedtime, whilst also ensuring a good night’s sleep, much required in the defence of your body

These previous measures are to ensure your system is fully equipt should infection be in your area and, if they are all put into place, on top of drinking plenty of fresh water, eating a good diet including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, daily exercise outdoors to keep vitamin D up and plenty of good sleep, your chances of infection will be kept to a minimum.

However, should an infection begin (not necessarily swine flu but even just a cold), here are some additional guidelines to what has already been mentioned which should now be an everyday routine.

  1. Step up from Echinacea or thyme tincture to Solgar’s Echinacea/Goldenseal/Cats claw: this is what I call nature’s antibiotic, as we take it in my home when most would normally turn to the doctors for an antibiotic. Olive leaf or Elderberry supplements are other alternatives to fight influenza if you prefer – this is simply my preference as the boys don’t like the liquids I dispense. Alternately, I also use a blend of Echinacea, goldenseal and myrrh as my “kill or cure tincture” which will hit the shelves shortly
  2. Bathe at least once a day with 12 drops tea tree in the bath (or 6 drops each tea tree and ravensara if you have some), then return to bed, as sleep is the body’s best ally in the fight against infection. The oils will help the body to fight the virus and stop it replicating. In the case of flu, you won’t want to be aywhere else but warm and cozy in you bed sleeping anyway as you really will feel unwell
  3. Burn anti-viral oils such as cinnamon, clove, bergamot and orange in the sick rooms, and wipe surfaces with any of the citrus oils to stop the spread of infection. Throw away tissues after every use. Do not re-use or you may re-contaminate. Wash hands regularly and rub 1 drop tea tree into the hands afterwards or use anti-bacterial wipes or solutions should you prefer, but to me, this is where tea tree excels – if it defeats MRSA, swine flu has no chance…
  4. Make up massage oil – I would make up a 50ml bottle carrier oil and add 30 drops of my winter chills blend or a total of 30 drops oils such as lavender spike, eucalyptus and tea tree (10 drops each) and massage regularly through the day into the patient’s throat, chest and back, and also bottom of the feet to attack through the reflex points too…every little helps!!
  5. Drink plenty of water, keeping a piece of fluorite in the glass and also give some to the patient to wear or hold or pop under the pillow. Also drink herbal teas such as peppermint which cools the body if there is fever, and the favourite cold cure of lemon and honey in water which you have decocted cinnamon and clove for 5 minutes. This again is a kill-or-cure in my home even when a cold is in full swing. Fluid intake is extremely important especially if temperature is high and much more important than food if the patient doesn’t fell much like eating (the body is busy enough delaing with the illness to worry about processing food…feed a cold, starve a fever!!). Home made soups are excellent once they feel like eating again…if they feel like eating, the worse is definitely over.

These simple steps should help the body to fight whatever infection has attacked the system and the measures we would take in our household. These steps will also ensure that the severity be reduced: this isn’t a magickal cure however, just nature’s way of assisting the body to overcome the infection as quickly as possible. This helps support the immune system and builds it up against further infection which is the natural way in which I work. Obviously, if you are at all concerned, there are other underlying health problems, the illness extends more than 3 days from the onset without subsiding after following all the above advice, or the patient is young or elderly, then ring the Doctor’s surgery or NHS 24 for advice or help, but for the majority, these steps will ensure a speedy recovery and let your local NHS deal with those who are under the biggest threat.

Keep well and begin your new regime now and that way you will be prepared for the oncoming onslaught of infection this winter.

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