Crystals to help decision making and focus

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 5th July 2015

Crystals can be of great help to focus and make your life-choices. I use crystals for everything, as you know, and wear them constantly. When you have a problem and need to search your soul for the right answer, the right crystal can be of great support to obtaining insight to make the correct move.

Lepidolite isn’t a stone I would reach for very often but for decision-making, this lilac stone is very useful. Magickally, it eases the stresses and strains of everyday living and soothes and dispels negative emotions such as anger and hate, whilst mentally eliminates confusion and speeds up decision-making, sharpening the analytic qualities of your brain and removing distractions. Once decisions have been made, it encourages you to achieve your goals without outside help. That way, any advancement in your life is all down to yourself!!

Lapis is an extremely beautiful stone if you get a piece at its very best and helps you through the darkest days of despair and into the light. It will help you take charge of your life once again, by removing obstacles in your way. Lapis will give you focus and help you concentrate on what you need and then help support you to gain insight as to how to get there. Try sitting in the quiet and using it to meditate, asking the questions you need answers for and by knowing the stone will give it to you. It also helps self expression and value in your opinions and removes cruelty and suffering – no more the martyr or victim for you – you are back in complete control!!

Charoite is another stone not used very often but for spiritual insight and soul transformation, this is the one for you. It helps you cope with change by removing the fear that prevents you from changing your life. It gets rid of stress and worry and helps you relax so that you can work out your needs for the new you.

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