Altar Crystals for health wealth and happiness;

By: Green Witch
Posted: 28th April 2020

Imbolc was also the time to collect magickal stones and crystals, to help, heal and protect for the forthcoming year. These stones could be placed on your magickal altar or sacred space, or kept on your person, as in jewellery or a medicine pouch, and would help to fulfil your wish above.

Amethyst - to help you with your spiritual path

Quartz clear - for direction or focus on one particular goal

Rose quartz - for love and friendship

Citrine - for health, wealth and happiness

Tiger Eye - gives the energy of the sun to deal with life’s dilemmas

Aventurine - talisman of protection

Calcite - for wealth (green) and balance (any colour)

Carnelian – for justice

Hematite - for aiming high without boundaries

Lapis Lazuli - for healing and psychic connection

Moonstone - the female’s stone of fertility and protection

Agate - for courage and new beginnings

Fluorite - for flawless health and spring-cleaning your life

Tourmaline - weight loss (green) and protection (black)

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