According to Scott Cunningham’s crystal magic book, Aquamarine is attached to the planetary aspects of the Moon and the element of water: perfect! When I want peace and inner calm, I go down to the water when the moon is out and all becomes well with the world for a few moments at least. This stone is the colour of water and is the treasure of mermaids and used for luck and protection whilst at sea by sailors so carry if setting sail on a cruise or flying over water as it will guard against storms and bad luck. If possible, cleanse it in the sea for its true powers to materialise and adding to a bath before performing rituals will add to their power too.
As well as being physically able to help a sore throat or jaw issues, it ensures good health, gives courage against those things that frighten us, will alert the conscious mind when intellect is needed and the psychic mind when insight is. It is the stone of peace, joy and happiness and will calm emotional issues and relationship problems and ease those angry flashes (let’s hope it works in my relationship with the tax man who is after my guts at the moment…and keep me calm as this is all my old accountants fault but me who will have to pay…literally. However, aquamarine brings unfinished business to a conclusion so one way or the other the issue will be sorted!!). It promotes tolerance, self-expression and clears blocked communication so you can speak your mind, empowering yourself without force whilst being true to who you are
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