Your Morning affirmation

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

On waking, instead of starting your day with a moan about having to get up so early, dreading going to work to a job you hate or whatever your day holds, start your day by waking up, thanking the sun for shining, for being alive, for being lucky to have a job, a home, a good partner – find the positive in your life and try & be grateful for it all at the start of the day – try being thankful for waking up alive and healthy in your own home in your comfy bed with a job to go to…just remember that greener grass, because someone somewhere would give anything to have your life…it’s you who just cannot see it!

Change your perspective on your day – believe me, it will make your day so much better!! Here are some more things to do in your day to make it happier:
Get up, smile, and smell the coffee…I mean, really smell the coffee and start your day chilled and full of hope.

Be nice to someone or appreciate someone you otherwise take for granted
Tell someone you love them every day and give a friend or neighbour a hug just because…

Smile at a stranger who might look lonely or sad in the street – people staying in our village are always amazed that people are so friendly. Everyone smiles and says “Morning” to each other, including strangers.

Don’t complain: as Thumper’s mum say in Bambi; “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

Don’t look at the negative of a situation…try to find the positive in everything, no matter how difficult. Negativity only attracts negativity so if you think it will be bad, it will be, because Nature will never let you down…so instead, go for the good things and get them into your life instead – positivity attracts positivity!

A little morning ritual to set up the day…

Our country is on its knees and everyday the news is worse, and we run around at 100mph trying to be Wonder-woman and Superman in our material world…but things are changing…the Universe is demanding it. It is time to re-evaluate our lives and re-connect to that which is actually important, so here is a little morning ritual I have been doing just to centre myself and prepare for the day ahead…have a go and adapt as feels right for you!!

When you are ready to start the day, and all showered if that is your routine (moisturising is mine), stand in front of your altar, facing a window or go outside and face the direction of the Sun. Have incense burning, magickal oil available and either a favourite crystal or one that will attract whatever you feel you need just now. If you have a crystal bowl, play it now to clear the space. Close your eyes and centre for a moment, breathing slowly and feel the natural rhythm around you and the sun on your face. Take your chosen crystal and hold in your hands. Feel its vibrations/pulse or simply connect with it. When you are calm and centred, hold the crystal over your 3rdeye and say “I Am Spirit”. Take the crystal then to your left hip and say “I am Earth”, to the right shoulder “I am Water”, across to the left shoulder “I am Air” and down to the right hip “I am Fire”. Now take the crystal back to the 3rdeye to complete the pentagram and say “My Affirmation is sealed, so mote it be!”

The pentagram of protection is now drawn and you have called in and connected with the elements. Carry the crystal in your pocket for the rest of the day. Now put a few drops of the chosen oil in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and inhale deeply, bringing to oil into your body and out into the aura. You are ready to start your new day energized and spiritually attuned to enjoy whatever surprises the day brings!!

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