Your Emergency kit for that bad day

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 26th June 2015

Some days, we all get pushed to breaking point, even me! No matter how positive we are, we all need a back-up plan for that really rotten day. Here are some ideas that I use at the end of just one of those days:

1. We all have our favourite songs that just make you feel good if they come on the radio – those that make you stop and smile or sing or dance, because they transport you to another time and place.
Prepare a CD or playlist of your special, happy, uplifting songs that simply make you smile. Then, when you have had a bad day, put those tracks on and twirl and dance around like no-one is watching.

2. Go for a walk in your garden, down the beach or wherever is calming for you, and use the elements to cleanse and calm you and get rid of the day. Come back and have a quiet drink of coffee, tea or your favourite tipple…whatever will give you that breather for a few minutes to get your head together.

3. Have a bath with geranium oil, my Euphoria blend or juniper berry to purify the day away.

4. Keep a special rose quartz or similar pink stone cleansed ready for such a day & carry for calmness.

5. Inhale from a tissue your favourite essential oil – something indulgent (rose, neroli, jasmine or melissa), uplifting (bergamot or Sunshine blend) or calming (geranium or Euphoria blend)

I hope some or all of these ideas help when that trying day has pushed you to your limi. Learn to fit 10 mins “You-time” into every day to relax and breathe and just take time out of your busy day just for you.

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