Working with the Planets

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 1st July 2015

Mercury and its influence…

I have major problems when Mercury is in retrograde, so here is a little warning about its activities and influence:

Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun and is actually very rarely visible to us except during an eclipse. It is the ruling planet for communication and the throat, but when it stands still then goes retrograde (which means it appears to go backwards), it tends to change things and brings back issues we have not sorted, bringing them back into our face. Communication aspects suffer as people can state things in an incorrect manner and others misinterpret what is said, mail goes astray whether e-mail or postal, computers break, the likes of websites and wireless systems don’t appear to work, and problems come to a head whilst you appear to run around like a headless chicken and get absolutely nowhere.

So what to do? If an old problem comes to revisit, deal with it as it can’t be ignored any longer – sort it once and for all. Never begin a new project at this time, especially if it relates to travel, communications or networking. Ensure messages are delivered and clearly understood, so slow things down and take more care. We go into this phase about every 4 months but some times more noticeable than others, so it is best to know what to do and how to deal with it and it will be a lot less painful.

Embracing Jupiter

At the moment, Jupiter is appearing brightly in our British night sky to the south east. It is a huge planet with a mass twice bigger than all the others in our solar system combined. While out finding Polaris, see if you can find Jupiter too and you will have expanded your knowledge of the night sky even more.

As a Sagittarian, Jupiter is my ruling planet, but he also rules Thursday . As King of the Gods, he rules business, material growth, justice and legal matters and brings about the energy of good fortune and expansion – just what we all need at times!! On your altar, burn Cedarwood incense or oil and light a blue candle dedicated to Jupiter, and any spells began on a Thursday for any of the above issues and you will be automatically calling on Jupiter’s influence and help too; after all , every little helps!!


Saturn is the only planet in our solar system with rings, so it is very distinct and, during this next month, this is the only planet in our solar system visible in the night sky. Saturn is a cold, hard planet and it brings that coldness and hardness to our planet. It forms structure and astrologically is about control, self-discipline, thrift and hardship, law and order and death. It is the planet of old age, wisdom and experience and conserving the old ways is what it aims to do! Doom and gloom or what??

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