Witch’s way to Happiness

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I have noticed a lot that people are stressed and not sleeping well. This is not a good sign, but why? I think I have a suggestion and it came in a Pet Clark song, written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent:

Life is never what it seems, we’re always searching in our dreams, To find that little castle in the air
When worry starts to cloud the mind, it’s hard to leave it all behind, And just pretend you haven’t got a care There’s someone else in your imagination, You wish that you were standing in their shoes
You’d change your life without much hesitation, But would you, if you really had to choose?

So, don’t look around, get your feet on the ground, It’s much better by far to be just who your are

The other man’s grass is always greener, The sun shines brighter on the other side
The other man’s grass is always greener, Some are lucky, some are not, Just be thankful for what you’ve got

Those that guide us upstairs think it has a message which I have to pass on. Happiness is being thankful for what you‘ve got, and misery is about worrying about what you haven’t. Ancient tribes always thanked their Gods for the things yet to come: rain, good crops, children etc. When I was a kid, we thanked everyone for everything in advance:

Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat

Thank you for the birds that sing, thank you Goddess for everything!

Nowadays, people always want a newer car, a better job, fancier phones, bigger houses, designer clothes, more extravagant holidays, want, want want!!! This is not good! Happiness will never be yours if you want what you haven’t got, what is on the other side of the fence where the grass is so obviously greener!! Changes have to be made so people stop stressing about such things…whereas if you consider what you have got, life will be simpler, better and happier. Change your thoughts, put on your red shoes & find that Yellow Brick road to happiness!

What is happiness…are you happy?

Now there’s a question!! Maybe it is an age thing again, but I find that living in the here and now brings me contentment and happiness whereas negative thinking can in fact become a habit. As Monty Python says…

If life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten!

And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing,

When you’re feeling in the dumps, don’t be silly chumps,

Just purse your lips and whistle — that’s the thing!

And… always look on the bright side of life…

Morning affirmation

On waking, instead of starting your day with a moan about having to get up so early, dreading going to work to a job you hate or whatever your day holds, start your day by waking up, thanking the sun for shining, for being alive, for being lucky to have a job, a home, a good partner – find the positive in your life and try & be grateful for it all at the start of the day – try being thankful for waking up alive and healthy in your own home in your comfy bed with a job to go to…just remember that greener grass, because someone somewhere would give anything to have your life…it’s you who just cannot see it! Change your perspective on your day – believe me, it will make your day so much better!! Here are some more things to do in your day to make it happier:

Get up, smile, and smell the coffee…I mean, really smell the coffee and start your day chilled and full of hope.

Be nice to someone or appreciate someone you otherwise take for granted

Tell someone you love them every day and give a friend or neighbour a hug just because…

Smile at a stranger who might look lonely or sad in the street – people staying in our village are always amazed that people are so friendly. Everyone smiles and says “Morning” to each other, including strangers.

Don’t complain: as Thumper’s mum say in Bambi; “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

Don’t look at the negative of a situation…try to find the positive in everything, no matter how difficult. Negativity only attracts negativity so if you think it will be bad, it will be, because Nature will never let you down…so instead, go for the good things and get them into your life instead – positivity attracts positivity!

Here is an example of my perspective when I was away on a surprise holiday:

On the plane I got a coffee, which I knew would be awful (instant coffee – Yuk!). A whiff of the coffee followed by a taste told me I was right. I then thought about this and reviewed my thoughts…! How lucky was I to be on a plane with a cup that contained coffee that came from Brazil, had been picked and processed and put into the coffee cup that had found its way onto a plane where the nice cabin steward had filled it with hot water and presented it to me. How could I judge it as rubbish when it has travelled so far and involved so many people! Re-viewing my situation, I was amazed how the taste changed and that coffee was really quite drinkable! Change your thoughts! Change your vibrations! Change your life! It really does make a difference to your day!! Life is not for stressing day in and day out. That is not life! It is about making the most of each and every day and being grateful for those little things in life. When you think of things differently, and are happy and thankful for the small things, great changes take place and life is suddenly worth living.

My Lucky Perfume…

It is all a matter of perspective…and my perfume will prove that to you. I bought an extremely expensive bottle of Tom Ford perfume because I just loved the smell. When I got home, I went into complete panic about being such an idiot, wasting so much money on a bottle of perfume and convinced myself I should return it. The next morning, I looked at the box and the angel on my shoulder said “Take it back” whilst the devil on the other said “Open it”…so I opened it, deciding it was going to be my lucky perfume, or why would I have bought it! I now use it every working day, stating “Today is going to be a great day” and spray it on…and every day it is…making it so worth every penny in every way! What I am trying to say is find your lucky charm, perfume, shoes, knickers… whatever works for you; it alters your vibration, you feel good and that makes you attract good days every day!

Find your “Happy Stone”

By my bed sits a beautiful bright green Chrysoprase tumble. Don’t ask me why it came about as I have no idea…

I just put it by my bed when I first got it. I call it my happy stone, and everynight when I go to bed, I hold the crystal and thank it for all the fab things that have happened that day. Your task is to find your “happy stone”. You might already have a stone you really like – it might be a lump off the beach or a beautiful tumble from a shop…it must be a stone that makes you feel inspired, joyful or makes you smile, or is simply one you like to feel in your hand, or maybe you are yet to find it. Either way, when you have your special crystal, hold it in incense and name it you happy stone.

Every night, thank it for the good things of the day. Being thankful for what you have got will attract more good things to you, or so I have found with my beautiful apple-green stone. Try it yourself and watch your faith in your ‘Happy stone’ bring wonderful things to your day and to your life.

Preparing for that bad day…get your Emergency kit ready to go…

Someday, we all get puched to breaking point, even me! No matter how positive we are, we all need a back-up plan for that really rotten day. Here are some ideas that I use at the end of just one of those days:

  1. We all have our favourite songs that just make you feel good if they come on the radio – those that make you stop and smile or sing or dance, because they transport you to another time and place.

Prepare a playlist of your special, happy, uplifting songs that simply make you smile. Then, when you have had a bad day, put those tracks on and twirl and dance around like no-one is watching.

  1. Go for a walk in your garden, down the beach or wherever is calming for you, and use the elements to cleanse and calm you and get rid of the day. Come back and have a quiet drink of coffee, tea or your favourite tipple…whatever will give you that breather for a few minutes to get your head together.
  2. Have a bath with geranium oil, my Euphoria blend or juniper berry to purify the day away.
  3. Keep a special rose quartz or similar pink stone cleansed ready for such a day & carry for calmness.
  4. Inhale from a tissue your favourite essential oil – something indulgent (rose, neroli, jasmine or melissa), uplifting (bergamot or Sunshine blend) or calming (geranium or Euphoria blend)

I hope some or all of these ideas help when that trying day has pushed you to your limi. Learn to fit 10 mins “You-time” into every day to relax and breathe and just take time out of your busy day just for you.

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