When communication goes awry

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

What happens if there is a problem in a relationship?
What do you do if you want to make up with someone and they won’t speak to you, whether partner, family or friend? What do you do if love doesn’t run so smoothly, or worse still, the love of your life leaves you?

You will need a pink and a yellow candle of the same shape, some rosemary herb, a photo and a crystal point.

Take the crystal point and, on the yellow candle, draw a telephone curly cable and put your initials at one end of the cable and the other person’s initials at the other.

On the pink candle, draw two hearts, entwined if it is a partner.

Hold the yellow candle in your power hand, close your eyes and visualise chatting away and laughing with the one you have argued with in a public place like a pub or restaurant. Place in the candle holder.

Next,  take the pink one in the power hand and visualise that feeling of being in love, holding hands, being cuddled etc but no face.

Place the two candles in holders and place a photo of the two of you alongside, if one is available, one that represents happier times. Place all items in a circle of rosemary for remembrance and add a rose quartz crystal – heart if possible but otherwise a piece of rose. This will help calm any emotional upset and help you feel better about the situation.

Light the candles together, daily, and burn for at least an hour a day, until the person gets in touch or agrees to meet. The candles will hopefully help open the communication channel and bring love back into your life. If it is an ex-partner, and he/she is not meant to return to you, Karma will know you are now ready and will commence actions to bring another love to you. Win Win…XX

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