What water does for you…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Spring cleaning with water…

When de-toxing, you have to drink lots and lots of water…I know, here I go again!! However, don’t rely on drinking loads of bottled water that is in the supermarkets in large quantities in plastic. Remember, some water has been bottled for up to 2 years…yuk!! Drink lots of tap water and, here in Scotland, our water is fab for drinking and tap water passes a lot more stringent tests than bottled water does.

Also, you may laugh at Del Trotter when he bottled tap water and sold it as mineral, but that has actually happened in real life so these bottled waters are not always what they are cracked up to be, especially the cheaper bargains. So, the best option is to use a filter jug or under-the-sink filter for your tap water than to rely solely on bottled (though some of the major cities may be a bit iffy…see if the filters alter the taste. I can actually tell by taste when my filter is done because I can taste the impurities are back in the water!!. They do actually work and you can always fill up the water bottle daily with fresh filter water, or better still, purchase a pretty glass bottle and carry with you in your bag all the time: add some crystals and make your very own personalised mineral water: much better than water that has been sat in the plastic for 6 months don’t you think.

Fair enough, sometimes you just have to buy a bottle of water and that is fine as better to drink bottled water than dehydrate but at the price it is sold (3 times dearer than milk), lets use the free stuff from the tap much more and get our bodies the fluid it needs for optimum health. I know I have the office bottled water in the shop but I use a company that has only had it bottled for up to 7 days before I get it unlike the previous company that I found out stored it for up to a year!!! See what I mean…

It is only when you are afloat with nothing in view except the sea yet having to buy bottled water and bathe in water from the ship’s own processing plant or drive through desert gasping for a shop to buy fresh supplies that you appreciate how lucky we are to have fresh clean water daily (and up here in Scotland, it falls more than average from the sky).

Most of you probably drink plenty but how much is actual plain water? When I mean drink water I mean actual water or herbal tea – not fizzy water, not sugared or flavoured water, not tea or coffee but just plain water. It is needed for every function the body provides. We lose 6 cups of water a day through various means of elimination (skin, urine, gut). It flushes out waste and toxins which are aplenty these days and helps keep the body hydrated. This needs replacing if the body is to protect us and do its job.

Sometimes we even mistake body’s need for water as the need for something to eat – hence why we snack. Water helps keep weight down (it contains NO calories) and if we drink plenty, the body doesn’t need to hold on to fluid, as it knows there is no drought.

Another point to remember – tea, coffee and alcohol are diuretics and as such, lose the body fluid so remember whilst drinking alcohol, always replace with water and flush the body the day after for minimal damage (the Europeans always drink their espresso with a glass of water so take heed!!). So help you to help yourself and drink plenty of mineral/filtered water and you will feel the difference.

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