Weight loss spell

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

If you would like to improve what you see in the mirror, the here is a little magick to support your plan:

Firstly, at sunset mix together fennel, dill and lavender and add a green tourmaline, ruby or apatite to the mix. Place in a yellow pouch.

Next, take a small piece of paper and draw a cross in the middle, and draw a straight line through the centre of the cross to make an elongated star-shape. Fold the paper into a small size and add to your pouch.

Close the pouch and hold in your power hand (writing hand). Close your eyes and visualise yourself now and then see yourself changing to how you want to be/see the scales coming down from the weight now to a more healthy weight.

Carry this pouch wherever you go in your pocket, visualising daily your aim and magickally, it will help with overeating and weight loss, and positively encourage healthy exercise, and help you achieve what you want to be, but please be realistic! Size zero is impossible and unless nature created your body to be that size, extremely unhealthy too. Be real and it will be done. so mote it be

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