Using water to bring love

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

If you want love into your life or to mend the relationship you have, use the method mentioned above if you live by the sea, or a river, or a lake or even if you have a wishing well nearby, as water is the best element for this. Like I said, think carefully about what you are asking water to bring or mend and be specific (I once asked for my perfect man and got him…everything I asked for…turned out to be young, cute and gay – forgot passion)!
Once you have decided on your needs and written it down, visit your local watery site. Find a stone in the area with which to communicate (better take a spare in your pocket as many a time I just cannot find one). Sit down and take time to make friends with the water – watch its movement – I can get lost for ages! When you are ready, hold the stone in your power hand and pour into it what you need.

Then state:
Stone of the sea, bring him (her) to me (or ‘mend this for me’)
This is my will, so mote it be… continued over…

When you are ready, if by the sea, count the waves and throw in on the 9th one. If you are by a river, lake or wishing well, then throw when you feel it is time to let go of the stone – just close your eyes and you will know…

and more…

Valentine’s Day Romance spray to help encourage romance…make your own

You will need a 50ml spray bottle, filled with rose water (love) or Jasmine water (passion)…or a blend of both.

You will also require a small natural cleansed ruby (playfulness and passion to a relationship) that fits into the neck of the bottle to infuse your oil.

A blend of oils appealing to you – this is your oil, not mine, so make a mix of about 20-25 drops oil including loving, passionate oils like patchouli, ylang-ylang, cardamom and geranium (or one of my Mood oils like Seduction)

Put your spray together (making a note of the recipe to repeat/alter). Then hold in your Magick Mittens and visualize the love flowing and the fireworks exploding (ding dong!) with your perfect partner or partner-type!

When you feel the love, say:

Spray of love, please bring to me, Romance, passion and harmony,

May my deepest love be reflected by he/she, this is my will, so mote it be

Spray in your love corner and over the bedroom at regular intervals or when things need calming or smoothing over.

A quick love spell by the sea

If you find yourself down by the water’s edge, walk along and find a nice, tumbled flat stone. You will know what you are looking for. When you find it, stand by the water’s edge. Draw a heart on the beach with the stone. Stand in the heart and hold the stone between your palms. Visualise yourself in love. Feel love. Pour those feelings into the stone. When you have seen yourself happy within a relationship, or if you have a partner, see it happy and loving and everything you want it to be. Step back from the heart on the beach. Draw an interlocking heart adjoining it, then throw the stone back to the sea. Leave the hearts to be taken by the tide. It is set

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