Tourmaline Pink, Green & Watermelon – the emotional tourmalines

Not common stones, these tourmalines have to be sought out, especially if you want jewellery, but they are well worth the wait. These colours of tourmaline are all Water stones so deal primarily with emotions & the Heart.
Green Tourmaline is one of the weight loss stones so a boost at any time of year. Green is the tourmaline for money and success in business, so helpful with the credit crunch and cashflow!! It is also an excellent healing stone, and works well with nature and the plant world. It harmonizes the physical heart and its electrical impulses, which is the very centre of our being and without which, we are indeed lifeless. It also aids energy levels, giving us stamina to simply enjoy life!!
Pink Tourmaline deals with the centre of our heart and all things related to love and emotions. It is the feminine aspect whilst Green is the masculine. It soothing energy heals past emotional hurt whilst drawing love to you, helping turn you into a beacon of light and love and fun and laughter. It releases stress and anxiety, depression and worry and helps you recover that love of life you used to have. No more negativity…just go with the flow for a relaxed feeling of contented bliss!!
Watermelon tourmaline contains both colours of the heart – green on the outside and pink in the centre. It is a combination of both of the stones above so does the lot. This certainly prepares the heart for love and tenderness simply by wearing a pendant. If you have been hurt in the past and it reflects on relationships that follow, then this treats the emotional dysfunction. Happiness can be quite short term but the type brought about by this stone is a much simpler type of joy as in the joy within and being happy simply by living in the now and making the most of every moment. Life may have its ups and downs but that is all part of being and this stone brings the balance and harmony to your life to accept all, working on the love vibration and not the fear. What a trio…
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