Tourmaline Black

Black tourmaline stops negativity and prevents you looking at the doom and gloom of life, waiting for the next negative thing to happen – this just attracts more bad luck your way but black tourmaline turns all that around. It helps show you the lessons in life, sends negativity back to source and rebalances your life (great for making changes towards happiness and away from misery)
However, the amazing thing about black tourmaline is its cleansing power – it clears your etheric body and auric field all the way down to the physical body itself– pop a piece under your pillowcase, wear, carry or hold in meditation. In his Book of Stones, Robert Simmons describes black tourmaline “like an etheric vacuum – sucking away all the negativity and disharmony – how good it that??
Now add quartz to this in the form of tourmalated quartz (quartz with black tourmaline crystals within) and what a little tool you have. This is an etheric vacuum with a back-up battery so an even more powerful cleanser and purifier and a psychic protector to boot. Both stones described start at only £1.00 so not expensive to keep your bodies cleansed, protected and purified and help keep all those wireless signals away.
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