The Power of the pendulum

By: Green Witch
Posted: 4th July 2015

The first time a friend showed me her pendulum and I saw it whirl round in answer to her question, I was completely gobsmacked and had never seen anything like it ever before. It scared the crap out of me!!! That was when I found out about “dowsing” – the official name for what it is you are actually doing with the Pendulum (which was even more intruiging as my first married name was “Dowse”…bizarre or what!!).
No-one knows for certain where this art was first conjured up, but it is thought it could be over 8000 years old, with what looks like dowsing rods being used in ancient pictorial illustrations. The Bible contains a few stories on diviners… even Moses used his magickal rod to find water!!
Because dowsing links directly to the spirit world, it has always been regarded as a threat…after all, why need the Priesthood when you can go direct and get answers from the heavens yourself…so the Church suppressed dowsing during the Inquisition. However, it was still needed to help locate water and even metals so some dowsing was never suppressed.
Nowadays, its popularity is back with a vengeance. It is not only used to locate water and minerals, but also Earth energies, Leylines, health issues, and of course, answers to personal issues.
After my first reaction to my introduction to dowsing, the pendulum is a common tool for me these days and I use it on a daily basis for answers to a whole variety of questions from my blend recipes to my customers requirements to my daily tincture. However, I personally have never managed to work out divining rods…but hey-ho…more male I feel but a personal thing, so don’t be influenced by my preference!!
So what is a Pendulum?
A pendulum is a piece of crystal, wood or metal suspended on a single chain. The old fashioned way was to obtain the wedding ring of a pregnant woman, hang it on a piece of cotton and dowse over their belly to try and get the sex of the baby (something I have never got right yet). Dowsing rods are a little different as you have two, one in each hand and the pieces of bent metal sort of swivel inside the handle…and the two rods cross at certain energy points…but, as I said, I can advise on pendulums but downsing rods are a mystery to me.
Back to using the pendulum…
Once the “yes” and “no” have been interpreted, answers to personal questions can be gained. However, this is the most important part of using a pendulum…getting the “yes” and “no” movements correct. It can easily be presumed that circle is yes and straight line no, but I have seen many different variations, so make sure you get this bit right – imagine if you got this the wrong way round…every answer to every question would be incorrect…so make sure you pay attention to this bit!!
How to choose your pendulum…
I have sold hundreds of pendulums over the years and people expect to pick up a pendulum and start getting answers, but my advic e is just to play with the pendulums and when one responds to you, that is the one, but that should be all you should expect in a shop – a response!! Don’t expect to ask a question and start getting correct answers and if you do, don’t trust them!! It could be anyone speaking to you…
How to get your “yes” and “no”
Sit quietly with your pendulum – somewhere you won’t be disturbed for a wee while. The pendulum is a tool so I don’t personally think you need to cleanse it but that is up to you. If you want to hold it in incense after you first purchase it, then that is fine, but after that, I think it takes the connection away, so after the once, you shouldn’t need to bother again.
Light a candle, get comfy and sit quietly holding your pendulum chain between your thumb and first finger of your power hand (the one you write with). I personally wrap the chain round my first finger and let it dangle over the top, but that is just me, but it should be able to move freely without your influence. If I want to speak to my guide, the first thing I do is hold he pendulum over my other hand, palm upwards…to indicate that I would like a chat. Then I always ask permission to speak – don’t worry about speaking out loud, you can do if you want but they can hear your thoughts too and if your thought is directed at your guide, they will hear you and respond if they want to. Your pendulum will respond if the connection has been made…it is a bit like the spiritual internet…you can usually get a connection but not always!!
Now, you need to ask something where the answer is definate…my suggestion is to hold a piece of fruit, such as a banana, and ask if it is an apple, then an orange, then a pear etc and the pendulum should keep moving in the same direction. Then ask if it is a banana and it should move in a different direction. You have your yes and no responses. Double-check your answers with a couple of other questions, but you are now on your way to a quick and easy method of getting guidance whenever you need it . If your pendulum ever shakes or wobbles on the spot, it usually means that it won’t answer at this time so either re-word the question or leave the issue for a while.
The pendulum can only make yes or no answers, so make sure you word things correctly. Keep your questions simple and your mind blank when awaiting the answer so as not to influence it yourself. Always ask if they would speak to you and after each conversation, always thank them for their help. Manners are always appreciated whether on this plane or the next!!

Why on Earth would I do that?
People have different views on what moves a pendulum. Personally, I believe we have a group of people behind us in the spirit world, some are relatives from our past, some are not, but all are here to help guide us if we want help. You know when something just comes into your head …instinctively?? I believe it is your guides doing their job – giving you insight or guidance when you need it. You can use the info or not…choice is yours!! If you want their guidance, they will give it freely because it is their job to get you from A-B and this makes it so much easier for them. Pendulums tap into that energy and give you a more direct means of getting the answer.
Now, I believe the pendulum just taps into the spokesperson for the group but in fact, they are all chipping in, but it would be too complicated to talk to all of them, so you just communicate with one. If a pendulum stops working, then the spokesperson may have changed and you may need to begin again with a new pendulum.
What can you do with this new tool??
Once you have this ability to use a pendulum, the possibilities of use are endless. You can ask questions re your life, but also your health – what foods are good for you, supplements you should take etc, what stones to carry, oils to use – all the things that can benefit your health and well-being. The other good thing is that it is instant and takes only minutes…but also remember that they know what you are thinking…if you are going to change the course of your path on their answer, they will know that and answer accordingly!! If by telling you something, it makes their job harder, then they won’t tell you!!
A note at this point: this is serious stuff and not for messing about with. I always have the theory that they are on your side and ready to help, but mess with them and you will regret it. They might be deceased but can still give you a psychic whack from beyond the grave if you follow me. They can help or they can stand back and let you fall flat on your face…don’t mess and always respect their help.
Also, this pendulum is yours so never let anyone else use it…it isn’t a plaything, but a valuable tool and yours at that, so don’t pass it round friends and family!!! If someopne wants to use one, they can get their own!!
You cannot ask questions about other people with it either…again, it isn’t a toy and they simply won’t answer you correctly as it isn’t any of your business! If it doesn’t affect you, stay away from the issue…
But who is it??
You can find out who is guiding you by asking simple yes and no questions:
Are you related to me?
Are you male/female?
Are you from my father’s side/mother’s side??
Does your name begin with a, b, c, etc then guess all the names beginning with the letter it answers yes to…
Once you know some details about your guide, it is much more personal and you realise they have a sense of humour, you sort of get their moods and their “don’t be stupid” mode etc…Maggie, my guide for those of you who don’t know, can be quite vocal. I found out about her, she lived upstairs in the shop back until she died in 1905. It was destroyed by fire not long afterwards hence why there is no longer an upstairs!! I found out where she was buried and then found the grave…that was a freaky feeling because you realise you aren’t mad and that you are dealing with someone who was real and the shop was her home. The rocking chair by the fire is hers and is often reported to be rocking at night (mind you, they have just come from the pub but then Maggie has quite a sense of humour and this would amuse her no end to freak them out in this way!!)

This is just a simple guide to get you on your way with your new tool. Remember, it takes time and practice to get the best out of your pendulum so don’t rush and always use it properly and with respect. After use, put into a pouch and keep in a special place so you always know where it is for when you need it. I keep my home one on my altar or in the aopthecary where Maggie rules supreme over the blends, remedies etc but only ever in one of these two places. Your pendulum deserves respect so, if you want it to guide you, don’t just leave it lying around. You look after your pendulum and it will always look after you…

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