The Moon

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Posted: 26th June 2015

Phases of the Moon

It takes the Sun a year to complete it’s journey, hence why Stonehenge is attended every Midsummer. The Sun will rise in the same place every year, with the one-day adjustment every 4 years. However, it takes the Moon 18.6 years to complete it’s great Lunar cycle. I adore the Moon and spend many an hour speaking to her from my front door step, never knowing where exactly she will appear, as it is always different.

The New Moon only appears briefly at Sunset, and then sets again shortly after the Sun. When it is the actual new moon, the crescent it so thin, it isn’t visible to the naked eye. It maybe 2-3 days before you can actually see it. Never look at a new moon, when it does finally appear, through glass or a run of bad luck will follow (in other words, don’t look through the window to check if it is out). Also, when you first see the new moon, turn over some silver in your pocket and money will be sure to follow.

The waxing (growing) moon is from the New moon to the Full, and the waning (fading) is from Full to New. Now this bit is difficult for people as they don’t know if it is waxing or waning. So, in the Northern Hemisphere, this is how it goes: imagine the Moon as a clock – if the crescent goes from 12 till 6, then, like the hour, it is growing (waxing), but if it is from 6 till 12, then it is on the way out (waning). Follow???

Each day, moonrise is fifty minutes after the previous day so it gets later as each day passes. (The tides are the same – well I never!!) During the first quarter, the Moon rises 6 hours after sunrise and sets 6 hours after sunset whilst the last quarter, it is the other way round (I think I have that right – even I get confused). This is why the Sun and Moon are often seen in the sky together, and sometimes we simply don’t see it as it doesn’t come up till most of us are in bed. I think that is one reason why midnight is so-called the “witching hour” – because, most of the time, it is around at midnight, whether coming up, going down or full. I don’t know why but, if it is a clear day and I can see both sun and moon, I know it is going to be a good day.

The Gibbous moon is when the moon looks pregnant, but not yet full.

Just before and at the Full Moon, she rises opposite the Sun at sunset and slowly sets again at sunrise, so she is prominent in the sky all through the hours of darkness. So there you have the movement of the Moon and why she isn’t always visible in the sky and why she is never in the same place or at the same height.

As we all know, the Moon affects the tides of the Sea and the cycles of the female body, so powerful is her energy. The highest and lowest tides are at the time of the New Moon, whilst there is the least movement at the Full. Timings of spells can be done with the rhythm of the Moon. The most powerful time is when the Moon is full because, emotionally, the Moon makes us more energetic (hence why those in tune find it harder to sleep at this time).

More crime is committed at the Full Moon than other times as people are generally more irritable and emotional (hence where the word “lunatic” comes from). More people go to the pub around the full moon than any other time. I have known our local to be heaving, even if it is a Wednesday night, if the moon is full. People just need to “get out”. You are also likely to sleep less on a full moon than on a new one. Don’t argue around the full moon or the argument will last for the remainder of the cycle. You generally find that tides are fuller and stronger at the full moon than other times too, though the tide rises and falls more at the new and full moon than the rest of the month. So, there you go.

But what is a blue moon??

The actual “Blue Moon” is a rare event, when the moon actually appears to be blue, caused by atmospheric conditions. It is this blue moon wishes should be made on, and the last one was seen in England in 1995.

The full moon can also predict the weather so watch for a halo as this tells of rain or snow to come. If the new moon holds the old moon in her arms, the rain will follow. It also means rain if the moon lies on her back in the first quarter, as she is holding onto the water. She will have released its torrents before the half moon when she will have straightened herself back up, when there are two full moons in one month.

These days, people regard the 2nd moon in a calendar month as the Blue Moon, but this just isn’t so.

Wishing on the New Moon…

A wishing spell can be performed at the new moon. It appears as a thin slither at sunset in the direction of the setting sun for just 30 minutes about the 3rd day of the new moon. If you catch a glimpse of her, firstly turn over silver in your pocket for a month of prosperity, then make a wish and bow to her 9 times. It is done

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