The coolness of mint…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I drink peppermint/spearmint tea daily as it is helpful for balancing the digestive system but, over centuries, men have drunk it to help their virility. It improves circulation; very useful when you have been unwell as it acts as a tonic (as the men have found, in more ways than one!!)
Peppermint oil is cooling to the body – inhale the oil from a tissue when overheating can instantly cool the body – very handy in hot climates or when menopausal. It also cools headaches, remedies dizziness, calms sickness and energises a tired and fatigued body and brain, simply by inhaling.Add a few drops to a footbath to cool those aching feet – works wonders after shopping!!

However, I’ve also discovered that the oil helps deter mice. The winter had brought visitors to my kitchen and I didn’t know I had residents until I discovered the tops knawed off snacks belonging to my dog!! A sprinkle of the peppermint in the visitation area seems to discourage their return and no trace has been discovered since. It works in a similar way with ants, who also dislike it, so must be that the aroma of peppermint is too delicate for small visitors – very handy even when on your travels!!
Spearmint oil is similar but milder so I always used Spearmint for the kids. Whenever they had a “sore tummy”, a wee massage with a teaspoon of almond oil and 1 drop spearmint was enough to sort the problem.

A holiday in Turkey and I didn’t get on with their food – a wee cup of hot water with a sprig of spearment and some chamomile flowers and hey presto…handy little garden remedy

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