Techno magick…using your phone

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I am a bit of a dinosaur where technology is concerned, but I have learned to love my phone. I have a Galaxy note and do is Sudoku and jigsaws to keep my brain active and giving me 15 minutes coffee & me-time in my busy week.

One thing I love doing is changing the screens. I adapt them to the forthcoming seasons, to colours for how I am feeling or what magick I need to attract into my life. If I am feeling a bit down, I will put a funny note on my screen that makes me smile every time I switch it on. If I need calm, I will put a page of lavender fields or trees or a beach! I also use different ones on my locked screen to my home screen so double bonus!

Only when I thought about what I was doing and my thought processes finding the right screen picture, did I realised that this must be a modern form of magick. Every time you switch on your phone, or your phone sends you a notification, you are igniting energy to light up that thought, feeling or desire, like the flame of a candle. I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this and are using it, but ‘every little helps’ and I do feel it helps my life moves forward with every new change of screen. Give it a try…free magick with every phone…what have you got to lose? It just needs a little thought, the right picture and who knows what you can do: just don’t smash your screen or let that battery die!!

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