Superstitions & blessings for a new baby

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Superstitions around a new baby…

It is customary upon meeting a new baby for the first time, that a piece of silver be placed into the baby’s hand to ensure luck and prosperity. The money should never be given straight to the parent!! If the baby keeps a hold of the coin, then they will always look after their money but if the coin falls, money will always run through their fingers.

Another custom is to place new born babies in something old first. Midwives of old would carry an old garment around with them to ensure this was carried out. Fortunately, most babies are wrapped in blankets that have been used by other babies in hospital so we are carrying this out unknowingly.

Another protective stone, given to a new child is Lapis Lazuli. Indians would string together lapis beads on gold wire to ensure the child’s good health, growth and protection, whilst keeping away any frights or disturbances, hence psychically protecting the wearer. In other parts of the world, amber was used for exactly the same reasons, whether worn or placed in the child’s bedroom

Coral has been used for centuries, amongst many other things, to protect children. Coral originates from the Greek language meaning “daughter of the sea” as it was considered containing the power of the sea and the moon which rules the tides of the sea. Placed in the bedroom, it will magickally keep the baby safe and well and given as a gift to a child, it will ensure their future good health. They used to make rattles with coral inside as a way of guarding the child during play and infants would wear coral beads to take away the pains of teething.

One of our own…

There was much excitement in my household when we gave thanks for the arrival of our very own Beltane baby. After jumping my Beltane fire, my son and his wife were delighted to find the Goddess had blessed them with a much-wanted child. This time is a special time in any couple’s life but the early arrival of a wee baby boy, born on the full moon, the magickal Wolf Moon, caused great delight in our family!!

After his birth, whilst still in the delivery room, I handed his dad a cleansed piece of jet, and instructed him to place it on baby’s belly for his protection, then pop the jet into a wee blue bag to hang over his cot once he got home. This is an old coastal practice, being from not far from Whitby where the jet is found. Protecting this baby seemed to be of great importance, yet I never actually did it for my own kids. So here are a couple of traditional blessings for a newborn baby…to be said by the parents when the baby comes home. Burn Moon or Water incense, and light a circle of candles (tea-lights are fine), one parent holds baby and the other parent or a grandparent say one of the following blessings, and seal it with a kiss…

Celtic Irish blessings:

May strong arms hold you, caring hearts tend you

And may love await you at every step

And another…

May green be the grass you walk on, and blue be the skies above

May pure be the joy that surrounds you, and true the hearts that you love.

A blessing for the new life ahead:

Gather together a small, pretty box, a rattle or bell (must fit in the box), a piece jet, resins of frankincense and myrrh, a silver pen, a piece parchment or hand-made paper and some silver fairy dust.

On the first New moon after your baby’s birth, (any of the 1st 3 nights) put on Moon incense when baby is nice and relaxed after a bath preferably just wrapped in a towel, hence why you have 3 nights…

Line the bottom of the box with some ground frankincense and myrrh and a sprinkle of silver dust. Draw a silver boot (boy) or shoe (girl) on a piece of paper (or cut out a picture of a shoe and outline with silver) and place in the bottom of the box.

Hold your piece jet in the incense, then touch baby’s belly with the jet and place on the boot in the box.

Ring the bell or shake the rattle 3 times over baby. Put in the box.

Now sprinkle more silver dust over the items in the box whilst saying:

My precious darling little one, your brand-new life has just begun

The best of your life is yet to be, so Goddess please watch over thee

As you journey, live long and well, and let nobody break this spell

Put the lid firmly on the box. Hide the box away where no-one can discover its whereabouts.

Blessing from Brigid for the newborn

On the next Imbolc after baby’s birth, on Brigit’s day, do this Blessing for Brigid: Light a white candle to her, present baby and say:

Goddess of Fire, we present to you our newest member of the family.

We ask you to welcome him (or her) and love him, bless him and protect him.

Watch over him as he grows, as he loves, and as he lives

This we ask of you Brigid; may you love him and take care of him as we will

This promise we make to you as you do to us, so mote it be

Keep a picture of baby on your altar/family mantelpiece with the white candle, and burn it whenever baby needs extra help. Thank Brigid for any help she gives you. Renew the candle and update baby’s photo every Imbolc.

Quick Sleep spell for bedtime:

Whisper (or sing) to baby when in the cot…

Close your eyes and rest your head, my little boy/girl, it’s time for bed,

Dream of love and happiness too, sleep sweetly baby, because we love you

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