Sunstone has this wonderful orange fluoresce that lights up the stone – and don’t be confused by goldstone as this is synthetic sunstone made from bits of copper glitter in a resin and is nothing like sunstone. Others are reconstituted sunstone with the glitter in. Either way, you want the real stuff, as only that will do all this!! Not cheap but oh so worth it.
The stone is a great protective and energising stone and should be worn during times of stress or ill health. Wearing it relieves stress, cleanses all the charkas and brings luck, life, happiness and abundance – what a stone. To add to that, it is a great stimulator of sexual energy so wear to attract a perfect sexual partner or to wake up the relationship you have already!! Wearing this stone also brings alive that “spirito de punto” as told in that car ad – yes, it gives you that feeling of live life to the full – today as life is not a rehearsal so go for it!! It lifts moods and relieves depression too whilst bringing a sense of self-worth and confidence to those who lack it. This also brings about a sense of self-healing as when you feel happier, your immune system strengthens and the body gets well and the health issues disappear and you feel better – still with me? The downside is that it must be out in the open as in worn, not hidden in a pocket or pouch and hope it will work quietly in the dark, because it won’t. Allow it to shine and it will do the same for you.
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