Stones for motivation…

The trouble with working hard to retire at 60 is that, even though this is no longer possible, my head thinks it is time to stop working! In order to overcome this, I have been using my crystals for motivation and they have been of great assistance, wearing them on a daily basis and jingling as I walk with pockets and a bra full of pretty little crystals, so thought a wee mention here would be useful for others needing energy, motivation or a push to get on.

Citrine – the sunshine stone bursting with energy, optimism and creativity, this really helps activate you like a sunny day as opposed to a grim, grey one. It also happens to be a merchant’s stone, brimming with great enthusiasm and ideas…so win, win!!

Ruby – another favourite of mine in jewellery like Citrine, Ruby brings back not just motivation, but also that much needed passion for life and for living, but also in what you are doing too! A real get-up-and-go-get it kinda stone but another merchant’s stone too – who ever owns a piece of real Ruby will have a rich, full and rewarding life!

Carnelian – funnily enough, a stone I never wear in jewellery but often carry in my pocket when I am tired, as great for not only motivation, but vitality too

Red Tiger eye – seldom seen in jewellery but great for in the pocket, this grounding stone full of movement will get you moving too, so when you are in that ‘really can’t be bothered’ mode, put a pretty red Tiger Eye in your pocket and watch that lethargy go right out the door

Apatite – discovered by accident, I always felt more energized and enthusiastic when I wore my Apatite pendant, which I wear for my constant fight against post-menopausal weight (I will not become a barrel, I like my hourglass shape thank you!) Turns out, Apatite is also a great motivation stone…but then if it helps you eat better and feel more motivated to move more, it’s a no-brainer, as you, your life and your figure all win with this stone!!

Just give the crystals of choice a thorough cleanse in incense smoke or an overnight stay on a crystal cluster every day, and they are good to go to help you in the daily challenge to live life to the brim!!
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