Spells for love & passion

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Spell for love on a New Moon…

We everyone wants in life is to be in love and be loved by that special person. I am lucky to have finally found my Mr. Right but not all have found their Mr./Mrs. Special yet, so here is a New Moon spell for you…

The Birch is the tree of new beginnings, so find yourself a little piece of bark paper from a local birch tree… if there is none on the floor under the tree, it should just peel right off without detriment to the Birch and thank the tree for its gift to help you find love.

At the new moon, write in red on the ‘paper’ a message, such as “Please bring to me a love so true” or in your words, your message for love. Prick your wedding finger and add a couple drops blood to the parchment. Then simply burn it in your cauldron and let its message ring out into the Universe…so mote it be…

Rosemary – herb of remembrance…

On a Friday with in a waxing moon, powder rosemary leaves and place in a wee jar. Place a small rose quartz heart-shaped crystal on the top (or a small piece…whatever will fit in the jar) and leave. On a full moon, sprinkle a little under your bed to strengthen your relationship with your lover. Keep the rest to renew and refresh under the bed ever so often as needed.

A bit of sewing hoodoo…

To help draw a lover to you, take 2 small sewing needles and place the point of one with the eye of the other (needle Ying-yang so to speak) and place on a mint or basil leaf. Roll the leaf round the needles towards you, to draw love to you. Wrap securely with red thread around the centre, tying the pair in passion. Place in a red silk bag, and fold over and over the bind the pair together in the silk sheets and tie again with red thread. Carry in your pocket and/or hang over the bed or on your altar. When you have your lover, take apart, but if you need it spiced up a little, add 3 drops Jamaican rum and a drop Ginger oil direct to the silk pouch…

Spell to attract love and passion

You will need: 1 x pink and 1 x red candle or votive and holders,

love or water incense,              1 x emerald

Loose rose petals or buds to sprinkle (fresh or dried),

love oil/water oil/ylang ylang oil

On a Friday, (day of Venus, /Aphrodite, Goddess of Love), place the candles/votive on your love altar in holders. Light the love incense and take a few minutes to breathe, centre and experience the aroma to be in a place of love.

Anoint yourself and the candles with the Love oil or Ylang-ylang oil. Sprinkle the rose petals around the candles in a heart shape, light the candles, then hold the Emerald in the incense smoke to clear and set with the vibration of love. Hold the stone in your left hand over your heart, and place your right hand over your left. Visualize yourself in love, or if in a relationship, see the love and passion growing in your partnership. Place the emerald in the heart of roses between the candles. Place your hands back over your heart and say:

Fire, stone, flower, symbols of passion and love, Aphrodite, hear me and send me help from above,

            Send to me a lover who is faithful, funny and true, Guide me and assist me in all that I do

            Aphrodite please help me with harm to none, By fire, stone and flower, let this spell be done

If already in a relationship, replace the 3rdlive with “Spark up my lover, who is faithful, funny and true”.

Snuff the candles to lock in the spell and allow the incense to burn out.

Leave the display on the love altar but carry the emerald with you in your bra next to your heart or in a spiral around the neck over the heart when going out, whether work, rest or play. Return the emerald to within the heart when home. Repeat the spell every Friday at dusk until love and passion is rekindled/ a lover enters your life.

Making your Magickal Bed…

Whilst waiting for passion to be aroused, strip bed back to the mattress and mix together in a little red bowl, 2.5ml each geranium and ylang-ylang oil. Inhale the aroma. While holding the bowl between your hands, say;

In this bed I share my body. In this bed, I show my love. In this bed I give my heart.

Repeat 3 times whilst sprinkling the oil blend over the mattress from your fingers. Lay on the bed and roll over it. Now say finally “We are one and happiness is ours, with harm to none, so mote it be”. Make up your magickal bed.

So how is your love life? Can it be better?

Firstly, are you looking

a) for love,

b) to move your current relationship forward or

c) to re-ignite some passion back into a fading relationship?

If the answer is a) you need 4 pink crystals and 4 pink candles, for b) you need 2 pink & 2 red crystals and 2 pink & 2 red candles and for c) you need 4 red candles and 4 red crystals.

You will all need rose petals & a rose quartz heart for the centre. For the candles, you can use floral scented candles, coloured tea-lights, beeswax candles or scented votives, the choice is yours as to what is available to you.
If it is pink crystals you need, choose from rose quartz, rhodochrosite, manganocalcite or kunzite.

If it is red crystals you need, choose from ruby, red tiger-eye or garnet. You will also need a glass of red wine or similar.

To set the mood, take a bath with 8 drops Ylang-ylang and put on some pink or red clothing, even if just some pink knickers underneath. Set the vibration of your working area by lighting Moon, Water or Love incence on the table or altar. If possible, wipe the surface of your workspace with a damp cloth to which you have added a sprinkling of ylang-ylang oil, then make a small circle rose petals in the middle. If not possible to wipe the area, cover it with pink or red cloth and make your circle of roses. Your “table of love” is now set.

When ready, light your 4 candles in their holders and place the 1st in the North, saying “From the North, I give love and receive love”, then repeat for east, south and west of the circle. These represent the fire quarters of your circle – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Take your 4 crystals and cleanse them in the love incense that is burning in the room. Now hold them in your hands and visualise your love request. Feel yourself snuggling up to someone new in your life, or your current relationship becoming stronger or see that passion rekindled, however you would like to see your love life progress.

When that is done, let each crystal touch your heart, then place it between the candles, forming the remaining 4 points of the compass saying each time “My heart is open and ready for love”.

Finally, hold the rose heart to your heart and say “I welcome love and passion into my heart and into my life, so mote it be”. Kiss the crystal and place into the centre of your circle. Visualise your request coming to fruition and then, with your wine make a toast ‘To Love’ and take a drink.

The magick is done and your wish will be granted. Every day, pick up the central heart and carry for a while to allow the loving energy to fill your entire being, then replace back in the circle. Let the circle remain on your altar until your life is filled with love, because that is what we all deserve – a happy life filled with love *

The Magick Meal for 2

If you are planning a meal for your special partner, or just want a romantic dinner for two, then here are a few things you might like to consider to spice up your night. Firstly, set the ambiance with aromas such as Cardamom, Sweet Orange and Ginger, which also make a great combination in an oil burner, bath or for massage or you might prefer the 60’s love of Patchouli and the floral tones of Ylang-Ylang extra!!

When it comes to food some swear by Celery soup with a sprinkling of coriander as a starter. Small amounts of spices like Cardamom, Coriander and Ginger added to food such as maybe a stir fry or omelette with shellfish, carrot, sweet potatoes, olives and celery all help add spice to the loins. Compliment it with a little egg in some rice with a touch spice. Finish off the meal with Apricot Brandy or Cognac in coffee, all known aphrodisiacs!

Perhaps you would like to offer your lover some ‘special coffee’ courtesy of Scott Cunningham: Put half cup water in a pan with a tsp shelled cardamom seeds, which have been held in your hand and to which you have visualised your ‘desire’ for the night’s ‘fun’. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes, whilst brewing extra strong fresh coffee. Strain the liquid and pour into 2 cups, top up with fresh coffee and share with your partner…the rest is up to you. Cardamom reminds you of life’s true abundance and helps restore desire for contentment and black coffee helps improve libido…what more is to be said!! Have a great night…

And another…

For those of you still waiting to find love, here is something for you. For those in a relationship, you can use this to enhance what you have.

Take a bath with Ylang Ylang, patchouli, jasmine or rose oil, our oils of love and play romantic music to entice the mood. Dry and dress. Put flowers in your hair, as above, and adorn yourself with any of the oils above, diluted in jojoba oil to make a perfume, and place on wrists, heart and neck.

For passion, take a red candle, for love a pink one. With a crystal point, draw two intertwined hearts on the candle and anoint with love oil or one of the oils above. Now visualise being held, loved and kissed, but do not see a face as you cannot decide who comes into your life. (For those in a relationship, then see your partner). Place pink and green stones in a circle on your altar and place the candle in the centre.

As you light it with a match, smile and say a few words in rhyme, such as:

Lady of the Moon, Mistress of the Night, Bring to me with all your Might,
A man to love, who will love me, This is my will, so mote it be.
As this candle begins to burn, A lover true, I will earn.
Leave the candle to burn and know happiness is on its way.

A few words of warning, as those who know me will be able to quote: be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it and it may not be what you wanted at all. You have been warned. Love is the one area you must be careful! What goes around comes around x3. Remember this well. Don’t take what ain’t yours!!

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