Spell using Labradorite

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

To begin, you need to contemplate about you would like to happen…what are your dreams. Now we are going to use this psychic stone to try and turn your special dream into reality.

Labradorite is available in most crystal shops. Get yourself a nice palmstone or large tumble that will sit nicely in your hand.

Light psychic incense to set the vibration. Close your eyes and sit with your stone in your hand. Concentrate on your dream, your inner desire, whether changing career, moving house, having lots of kids or setting off on your travels to that once-in-a-lifetime place.

Imagine the dream has happened. Capture the scene. Be there in it. Visualise strongly any sensation (if you want to live abroad, open the front door and feel the heat and sunshine/cold and snow – be where the dream is). Sense the reality….be there living the dream literally.

Come out of the visualisation, open your eyes and view your stone. Place on your altar and every week, pick up the stone and pick up your dream where you left off. Keep repeating regularly and use the stone to bring your dream to reality…make it happen!!

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