Spell to calm Anger…with Agate

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

If you are the angry one giving it to some-one in the neck, here is how to calm it all down along with agate;

In the kitchen put on healing incense, light a purple candle and place your agate alongside. Fill the kettle with fresh water and boil to make yourself a cup of chamomile & lavender tea.

Visualise the flowers blowing in the breeze, their fragrance calming you down. Touch the Agate. Add the water to the cup and stir the tea being aware of its aroma and feeling that calmness all around. Feel the Agate. Add a little honey to the cup, stir and feel its essence sweetening you too. Put agate in the cup. Sip the tea slowly, saying in between sips;

“Vessel of tea, bring calm to me, Honey from the bee, bring sweetness to me”, over and over again.

When the cup is empty, remove the stone, wash the cup and carry the agate for continued calm and balance.

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