Spell for Weight loss

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I don’t believe in dieting; that can cause imbalances when calories dictate the food, not nutritional value. The body needs good quality food in moderation and a little exercise every day to keep it in good working order.

In days gone by, every task in a day would consist of walking or physical activity so no extra exercise was ever needed. 21st century living means we have become lazy, with convenience foods, computors, phones & cars etc cutting us time, but also nutrition and exercise, and all this is bad for the body. Let’s get some focus on the matter in hand, and gain courage & help to transform your body & reveal the new you. For this you will need…

1 x Piece parchment, yellow and gold pen,

fire incense and charcoal block,

1 x red candle and 1 x yellow candle,

1 x small crystal each of amber, gold tiger eye and quartz and a red pouch

This spell is for focus on the outcome, and courage and success in the undertaking.

On a waning moon at sunset:
Take a bath with handful salt and 7 drops juniper oil added for purification. This bath is the beginning of your transformation! Soak for 20 minutes. Get up and Visualise the toxins drain from your body & down the plughole and the weight begin to shift. Dry with a warm towel and stand in front of a mirror. See all your wobbly bits and decide what needs to “shrink”, (or if underweight, then what needs to increase). Put on loose clothing.

Sit at your altar or somewhere comfortable. Light both candles and the incense. With the yellow pen, draw an outline of your body on the parchment as you see it now.

Next, inside (or outside) of that, draw your gold newly shaped outline that is to be – adjusted waist and hips etc.

When done, draw a horizontal straight line through your outline’s waists (both of them) and draw a small cross going through the centre, making sure the cross crosses the line at the belly button (making an elongated star). This is to “pull you in” the magickal way, giving you your new look for the fitter, healthier body. You can also add your ideal weight above your outline as well.

To strengthen this spell, look into the two candles – yellow for beauty and weight balance and red for courage.

Hold the crystals in your left hand and cover with your right. Close your eyes, and with the flames still vivid in your minds eye, see yourself eating healthy foods, enjoying walking/exercising, brimming with good health and energy and admiring the new you in the mirror…all that is to come. Open your eyes and put the crystals into the red pouch and say:

“Crystals of the Sun, Release the new me, Fitter and healthier I am to see
Magickal courage is the strengthening key so this IS my will, so mote it be…”

Carry the crystals daily with you to aid your outcome and put the silhouette drawing on your altar or fridge.
Repeat the enforcement as often as is needed to reach your target. Be that picture; show us the new fab you.

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