Spell for Success in a new venture

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Here is a simple spell to launch a new start, new venture or request new strength or energy for a forthcoming challenge. I first did this spell on 21. March 1996, after I had been handed the keys to Mystique Moments, and full of fear for what I had just done, I carried out this spell to bless my new Enterprise.
I usually work with the elements but, on this occasion, I called in Mars, to whom March is named after. He is the God of war and conquest, the God of fire and energy. He has the desire to succeed and boy, did I need his strength to back me on this venture.

Take a red candle (the colour of strength, passion and fire) and anoint it with Geranium or Rose oil (for Venus, water, peace and harmony). Hold the candle in your power hand (the one you write with), close your eyes and visualise red, or fire or Mars himself. Then, simply ask him to fill you with his knowledge, power, fearlessness and enterprising skills, to arm you with his help and guidance and to infuse you with his inspiration. As protector of the weak, ask him for his protection for what it is you are about to do or take on and energy to commence this new beginning. Finish by saying “May your light be my guide, and my guides be my light” and finish with “This is my will, So mote it be”.

I called on his help for my scary undertaking, and his strength has purveyed, because the venture has survived and grown. If you face as big a challenge as I did, I hope he can help you too (but save him for the major challenges you face).

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