Spell for something special

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

An ancient money spell can be carried out by using freshwater pearls like those I keep on the counter.

The saying goes that a person who can throw away a pearl must be rich and this is the magick behind this spell; giving up something of great value to you to bring more into your lif, so use it wisely!

Take your pearl to the element of water (sea, lake or river). Tune in to the pearl and thank it for the sacrifice of the oyster.

Now, holding it carefully in your hand, visualise money coming to you steadily and continuously and you using it wisely for the benefit of yourself and those close to you (this spell does not produce results to be simply wasted!!).

With this financial picture still in mind, return the pearl to the element from which it came. Once the pearl comes into contact with the moving water, it will begin the process of manifestation on your behalf.

It is done.

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