Spell for businesses…extra help for the self-employed!

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

For anyone in business, here is some help to get the money flowing again. Perform on a daily basis to get things moving again things are back to normal for you.

Take a green candle and score 3 x £ signs around the base. Surround the candleholder with 6 x citrine and 6 x aventurine tumbles alternating, plus one larimar at the north of the circle (making 13 crystals for the cycles of the moon).

Now hold the candle in your hand, close your eyes and see lots of customers coming through the door, taking lots of money in the till and lots of chatting and laughter going on. Visualise your overdraft dropping down and down like a backwards counting clock to Zero and then into the plus. If you need to do anything new or expand the business, see the money coming in for that and whatever you want to do being done and completed.

Now you are ready to go. Spray “Fortuna” spray over the candle, crystals and yourself to awash you and your business with abundance. Light the candle daily until money matters are resolved and looking good again. Snuff out the candle at the end of each burning time to lock in the spell…

Got to be practical too, so carry citrine and ruby in your pocket, petty cash till or cheque book area to keep finances looking good.

Next, check out your abundance jar. This is a small jar that you should have been adding fenugreek seeds to on a daily basis. If you haven’t begun, then the time has come to do so.

Half-fill a small jar with fenugreek seeds, which represents your business, and every day, add a few seeds to the jar. This represents business growth. Do not put the lid on the jar as prosperity cannot flow in if it is sealed. When the jar becomes full, take outside and empty the spent seeds to the ground, half fill the jar with new seeds and begin again.

Remember, if you stop adding seeds, you are happy where the business is at and when things are going well, I seldom add to the jar but when things take a downward turn, then we start to add daily again but never, ever seal the jar with a lid, as businesses always need room to grow and not be capped and stifled. Good luck to all businesses at this time and may prosperity return so we hopefully will all survive to pay another tax bill!!

Make your own Witch’s bottle for Business

It is well known how my business struggled until Harry Potter gave me my 5 minutes of Fame, but one of the things I used was make my own Witch’s bottle. If you look carefully in the shop, you will still see it hidden in the shop!! I used an old bottle found up at the local quarry, cleaned it and magickally began to transform it. As mine was for business, I was using Earth as my vibration; I didn’t need a quick fix, but a long-term business…so, with my Earth incense created (we still use the same recipe used for incense in the shop range), I sat with my pestle and mortar. I first ground some dried soil from the garden, added a tiny piece of magickal jet and ground it in. A sprinkle of salt for protection and some patchouli herb for abundance and visualised whilst grinding, people coming through the door, a till full of cash and my large overdraft slowly but surely coming down. With this still in mind, I filled my bottle with the mix. I was going to add some money but the neck was too small so I simply sealed it with a cork, drew a pentagram in gold pen on the front and with a “So mote it be” I stashed it on a shelf, where it has remained untouched ever since. It might be simple, no fancy words used, but there it still sits, my business still flourishing nearly 24 years later!! Sometimes simple is simply the best…

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