A mix of dark blue and white, this is a stone of Venus and water and is a darker blue than lapis with no bright flecks of pyrite within. Magically, this stone dispels guilt and fear, and stress and anxiety, calming that inner turmoil, especially when self-esteem and thoughts are a little low. It helps heighten your own internal instinct or gut response, making working or dealing with others easier. Sodalite aids working on the now and not worrying about something you have done in the past or may do in the future. Alleviating this pressure, it is also a stone conducive to helping you meditate or dream for answers to questions about your current path or journey and which way to go next, so if you have problems that disturb your sleeping, this is the stone for you. We all need those fears melting away, so this little stone will calm you, and a bigger one can help calm the rest of the household, making solutions easier to find and such problems can be solved and life can be moved forward.
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