Snow/white Quartz – the female quartz

Most quartz is a mix of white and clear quartz, the balance of male and female as is required in nature. However, some quartz is completely clear whilst others are snow white. Snow or Milky quartz does everything for mind, body and soul like clear quartz, but being feminine, does it slower and gentler but just as effectively!!
Women wear twenty different heads in one day; I know I have sorted dishes & washing, done the ironing, tidied and sorted work e-mails before I get out of the door and go to work. Like the multi-tasking female, snow quartz helps people who need to be needed, who are often responsible for putting even more pressure on them because they have created the problem so helps overcome the “Victim” or “Martyr” syndrome and helps you get on with your responsibilities, no matter how overwhelming they seem. Snow quartz also helps you think before you speak, allowing wisdom and tact to come to the surface before the foot goes in the mouth!!
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