Smoky Quartz

A lot of today’s Smoky is actually heat-treated quartz, which is why I prefer to go without rather than have some that is not natural, so I have to work hard to keep stock. The colour varies from light mink brown to very dark and the majority of it is extremely clear. This crystal absorbs negativity whilst protecting and grounding. It absorbs psychic attack and assists in getting rid of people from your life who are simply unproductive. Emotionally, it eases depression and brings about emotional calm…something we all can do with. Placed around the home, the crystal will absorb negativity, neutralising the energies of the home and keeping everything balanced. It clears the mind, neutralising fears whilst promoting positivity. It can make your dreams a reality and your nightmares dissolve – what more can I say except it can transform your life – simply cleanse and let it do its stuff!
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