Smoking – how to stop

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I have never been a smoker as I have never got the point – drinking yes, but smoking no (give me a glass of good red wine or gin any day). So if you have decided to quit, here are a few helpful bits and pieces to help the transition to a new, healthier you

Liquorice root makes a great aid to giving up smoking, as often it can simply be a habit of “sticking something into your mouth” and the root fits the bill. If you chew on a piece of root, it fulfils the habit, gives your taste buds something sweet to taste, but minus the calories so bonus…no weight gain, as this is the worst fear!! Liquorice also helps relieve the addiction craving, so added support there too. Take liquorice tincture x3 daily to break the addiction.

Eat a high carbohydrate diet and do not restrict calories, as you deprive yourself twice and will probably relapse and go back to smoking…

Staurolite is the crystal that will help support this decision. Though not easily available, it provides the same grounding feeling as smoking so carry this crystal with you at all times and it will help (Use Hematite if you cannot get Staurolite and only £1). Staurolite is not cheap at £17.50 but think how much you are saving by not smoking.

As an added incentive, put all the money normally spent on cigarettes into a jar/bank account and watch the bonus grow then buy yourself something you have always wanted as a reward for effort when you have achieved your goal.

St John’s wort is great for the nervous system and raises levels of dopamine in the brain which apparently falls when you give up smoking, and that drop leads to depression and cravings, so St Johns wort supports your efforts while hopefully helping to prevent you putting on the weight replacing one addiction with another (usually sweets). Rhodiola on the other hand helps when you are stressed and some of you may need the anti-depressive help and support Rhodiola can provide so as not to get negative once your cigarette crutch is stopped

Here’s hoping some of these tips help those who need the support and let the new you emerge.

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