Sleep problems and Insomnia

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

If you can get a good night’s sleep, then you can deal with anything life has to throw at you but what if you can’t get to sleep or do, then wake up in the early hours?? Insomnia is a problem that will affect everyone at some time, so here is a little advice that may help…

Insomnia and sleep issues…

If you can get a good night’s sleep, then you can deal with anything life has to throw at you but what if you can’t get to sleep or do, then wake up in the early hours?? Insomnia is a problem that will affect everyone at some time, so here is a little advice that may help…

Most people have a go with lavender oil first, as they know lavender is relaxing and helpful for sleep. We carry both French (floraly) and spike (camphory) – the spike can also help if you have a cold or one of you has a snoring issue as it can help clear the airways. There are a few things to help snoring but more about that later…If the lavender isn’t strong enough, then try Tangerine and Bergamot oil massage or my Restful sleep oil blend. Again, add to the pillow and to a bath in the evening – this was made to keep my restless son in his bed as I was fed up of being woken nightly in the early hours because he was awake!!Failing this one working, then we turn to the favourite remedy – Sweet Marjoram oil. This type of Marjoram oil tells the brain it is time to sleep and shuts it up…and it is amazing how tired you can be and as soon as your head hits that pillow, it starts all the problems of the day rolling around in your head. Marjoram can shut that off!!If you are having a bath, have a warm-hot one in the evening and add 8 drops marjoram (sweet) to the bath and relax for 20 minutes. This relaxes the brain and all your muscles ready for sleep (when not sleeping properly, you tend to ache around the shoulders and neck and this all goes away). The marjoram can also be added to carrier oil such as almond oil and massaged into the shoulders too (5ml carrier per 3 drops marjoram).Add the oil to the pillow before bed – 4 drops marjoram each side of the head and, as you inhale the aroma as you lay in bed, so the brain will learn that this aroma means close down and go to sleep!!In the morning, add 3 drops rosemary or petitgrain oil to a tissue or the palm of your hand and inhale several times…this kicks the cobwebs out of the head and get the brain in gear…a sort of alarm call for the brain…We use the marjoram to get you to sleep and the rosemary to wake you up again and this is used by shift workers who have to sleep when their shift says and not the body!! If you want to sleep at a time that isn’t sleep time, just inhale the marjoram about an hour before you want to sleep from a tissue and keep doing so – you will soon be giving it zzzz’s. If not, don’t worry…we have got lots more tips to help overcome this… There are also tinctures that can help alongside the oils:Valerian helps re-set the body clock and gives you energy in the day to work and do what has to be done but relax at night for sleep. Some find even taking this once before bed is enough whilst others take x3 daily. The best way is to try it and see what works for you.If Valerian isn’t enough, then we turn to my insomnia blend. Containing valerian with passionflower and lime flower, this is taken at bedtime to encourage restful sleep. Take the insomnia blend 30-60 minutes before bed as directed on the label and repeat this nightly to help get your body clock back in order. A lot of sleep issues can actually be due to a deficiency in vitamins or minerals so begin with a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, plus added 1 x combined calcium/magnesium tablet before bed (magnesium should be about half the dose of the calcium), plus a B-complex, also at bedtime.I know we are trying to overcome a lot of years of sleep issues for some, and if this still doesn’t work for you, you should add 5-HTP to your daily routine as well. An amino acid, this helps correct the serotonin levels in the brain and is used for sleep promotion; serotonin is needed for the body to produce melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. This helps re-set the body clock…and 100mg also at bedtime alongside the cal/mag and b-complex should set you up for a night’s restful sleep!! Oh, by the way, roast turkey is full of the amino acid L-Trytophan which is 5-HTP so ask your dad the last time he stayed awake after the Christmas dinner!! Try drinking calming teas during the evening and before bedtime such as chamomile or limeflower with added local honey, to relax body and mind and, if you drink tea or coffee after 6pm, get it stopped now and don’t drink more than 4 cups per day. The same goes for wine/alcohol. One or two drinks in the evening can be helpful but any more than that can prevent sleep.  In the world of crystals, Amethyst is top for sleep. I keep an amethyst bed by the side of my bed and recommend anyone with sleep issues do the same as it helps calm the mind. The vibration of amethyst allows for restful sleep and good dreams and any added help has to be useful.

Some useful tips to help:

  1. Try walking for 20-30 minutes in the evening – I walk my dog most nights after tea to clear the mind, and then it doesn’t go loopy at bedtime…works for me, especially when I have things on my mind – my poor dog just gets walked for longer!!
  2. Get a regular bedtime routine and stick to it. Go to bed at the same time. Read an interesting book in bed (puts me asleep in minutes). Do not watch TV in your bed – remove from your room if you cannot help putting it on…
  3. Try meditation at bedtime or listen to a meditation or hypnotherapy CD in your bed – help re-programme your sleep patterns.
  4. Try taking a bath with any of the oils suggested above every evening before bed to relax both mind and body and to give you some time for you. Then, when you go to your bed, you are all relaxed for sleep – after all this was your routine as a baby and should be equally as comforting. Also, burning oils in your bedroom and lounge during the evening will promote a relaxing and comforting, stress-free environment.
  5. Try a warm footbath with mustard powder in it before bed…takes the heat away from the head a helps you sleep…a little folk remedy that is worth a try
  6. If you have a partner, why not try a little massage at bedtime. Using one of the oils/blends above, you could turn this problem into a little time for you both. Who knows, lovemaking could naturally follow after time with each other and this will also help you have a restful night’s sleep. This issue could end up revamping your love life…bonus!!

More handy tips…1.     When you go to bed, if you cannot sleep, pick something to look at and try to stay awake looking at it (I use the gap in my curtains and look at the light from the street)…give it a go as it always works for me!! Even works when you have overdone the wine and the room starts to spin when you go to bed…

  1. Try changing your mattress or put a memory foam mattress on your bed. Also check the direction of your bed – those with their heads in the south will always have a bad time sleeping…worth checking and if your bed is in the south (point of heat and fire), move the bed!!
  2. Try sleeping with the window open. An overhot bedroom will be of no help at all and is actually not a good way to sleep so try letting air into your room to keep it well ventilated. Also invest in a electric blanket – there is nothing more relaxing on a cold night than getting into a pre-warmed bed (but don’t sleep with it on or you may overheat!!) – a cool room with a warm bed is the perfect balance and the healthiest in my humble opinion.
  3. Don’t go to bed hungry – try a light supper such as cereal or toast and a warm milky drink (comfort food). There is nothing like a rumbling stomach to disturb your sleep!!

If snoring is a problem, try ALL of the following (no guarantees!!)

  1. Firstly, check weight as being overweight will not help this issue. Improve your diet if this is the case and exercise more. Cut down on dairy products, as this can increase mucus. Cut down on beer and alcohol too and drink chamomile tea/take chamomile tincture every evening. Sleep with window open.
  2. Take Vitamin C incase it is made worse by an allergy to something (natural anti-histamine)…get an anti-allergy pillow to sleep on. Sew corks into a t-shirt to prevent sleeping on your back if this is when worse.
  3. Burn Witches Gold in the bedroom at night and sprinkle lavender spike on the pillows and duvet.
  4. Get the snorer to gargle with 10 drops tincture of myrrh in a little water before bed, and apply lavender spike or my Sinusitis oil in carrier oil to the facial sinus areas. Follow that with a massage with Witches gold in carrier oil to the throat, chest and back.
  5. Try these clear nose strips…they can help open the passageways and help.
  6. Don’t ask me why, but lovemaking last thing at night helps; either they don’t snore so much or you don’t hear them…either way, a good sex life helps improve the snoring situation as well as quality of sleep!!
  7. If this lot doesn’t help in the slightest, then you need to pay a visit to the doctor for possible laser treatment or sleep clinic advice/study…

Well, practical, herbal and aromatic advice to help solve this problem so see what works for you.

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