Simple Protection spells

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Clothes Protection spell for you…

Every once in a while, hang up your coat and hat on a hanger on a hook and let Protection incense smoulder up from the floor to envelop the coat and hat in its smoke. Hold your coat sleeves like you were holding a persons hands and look towards the coat and say:

Magickal cloak, keep me safe in this world, And let danger at a distance stay

This Coat and hat me protected will keep, and this mantle be a shield from harms way

Keep protective smoky quartz in the coat pocket and pin a pentagram to the coat too, even if hidden inside or in the lining, and let your coat help be your protection cloak whilst you go about your daily business this winter.

Protect your personal space

Magickally, Geranium essential oil is very protective so if you feel like you need protection, put a few drops in your hands, rub together, close your eyes and inhale. Now, with your eyes closed, breathe the oil into your body and when you exhale, see it coming out of your pores into your aura. Inhale 3 times and it is done. I have used this many times and when someone says “Can you smell geranium?”, you know they are being shown out of your private space

Protection Spell for the home

To keep your house protected for the coming year, mix together sea salt and black pepper in a pestle and mortar and grind them together. Bring in a sprinkling of marjoram for happiness and grind them all together whilst visualising all residents happy and safe in their castle. Now split the mix into 2 x black pouches and add 1 x small quartz and 1 x black stone such as tourmaline, obsidian and onyx to each pouch. Hang at the front and back doors and keep this bad world away from your door…it is done!!

Protection for you and yours…

Here is a little help to harmonise your home for you and yours!!An old fashioned spell for harmony, hearth & home is a ‘Witch bottle’. I have had one in the shop since opening and, with all this disruption, peace of mind is good!

First, smudge the home with a smudge stick or clearing incense go remove any stored-up negativity.

Gather together old pins, needles, thorns and rosemary needles and put the mix of ingredients in a small jar or old fashioned poison bottle, and, when full, fill gaps with protective herbs like fennel seeds, dill seeds, cumin seeds, salt, Mugwort, mustard seeds and ground bay leaves. While filling the bottle, state whilst you work:

Pins, needles, rosemary and pine, in this Witch’s bottle of mine,

Guard my home, my family and me, this is my will so mote it be

Cap or cork the jar and seal with the drippings of a protective red or black candle. If possible bury near the front door during the waning moon, but if you have no garden, hide it away in an inconspicuous place in a window.

Afterwards, burn ‘Happy Home’ or lavender incense to encourage a calm and happy home.

An additional tip: cleanse a hanging sphere in incense and visualize a happy family inside your happy home. Hang in a sunny window; every time the rainbows fracture in the room, you are attracting sunshine & happiness to the home!

A wishing stone…a little extra

To add happiness to your protection bottle, select a stone from a beach or woodland walk, doesn’t matter what type, just a nice wee stone that charms you (we will be using natural flint in the shop).

Cleanse the chosen stone in the happy home or lavender incense. Now hold in your writing hand and visualize your wish for the family and see it being inscribed on the stone. The crystal is going to become your wishing seed. If you bury your protection bottle in the garden, you can bury the stone alongside. As you bury it, simply say:

Like a seed, my wish will grow, for the good of all I know,

            This I need and do deserve, so my symbolic rock will serve and

            Bring my wish indeed to me, this is my will so mote it be

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