Signs from your Angel

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Ever found a white feather lying about in a very unlikely place and wondered how it got there? Maybe you have just been visited by your Guardian angel and they have left you a visible sign of their presence!!White feathers are a common sign that your angel is letting you know they are with you, so if you find one, keep it and carry it with you or put it on your altar as a special gift.

Similarly, if you ever get a sense of an intoxicating aroma such as jasmine, then again, this can be a sign of a heavenly presence, as can synchronicity – ever walked down a busy street at a pace and all the traffic lights turn green as you near them so you can just keep walking…or you’re in the car and a parking space appears just as you need it where you need it…your guardian angel/spirit guide is with you keeping an eye on you, just making things go your way. I think that is why any synchronicity that comes along always makes me smile…because I am sure they are smiling too…

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