Setting the Magical Mood

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

It is ok thinking you can do a spell and that is that and if you are quite adept at magick, then you probably can with the correct intention. However, for the new witches or for matters of great importance, then setting the scene for magick is extremely important. So how do you create the correct magickal space to perform your magick in?

Firstly, you have to prepare you…the magick in you has to be brought to the surface so, if you have the time to do it, firstly have a magickal purifying bath or if time is limited, then a shower will suffice. You cannot initiate magickal intention with the dust and negativity of the day attached to you. The old saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” expresses it completely and water cleanses the body and purifies the soul, so relax in a bathroom lit with candles and a warm bath scented with frankincense or juniper to purify the body on all the esoteric levels. Close your eyes and allow the strains of the day to float away and still the mind ready for your need. Once dry, put on a loose robe (usually kept especially for magick) – tight clothes restrict the flow of energy and it isn’t about fashion anyway, it is purely on the physical plane where one worries about what one is wearing!! Cleanse the face as no make-up should be worn either for serious magick.

Next comes the magical mode as to undertake any magickal work, you have to be in the correct mindset – it won’t work if you are ill, exhausted or stressed, so a period of quiet time or meditation is called for as preparation for the job in hand. Burn a light incense to set the mode and get yourself into the magickal frame of mind.

After your mind is set, then comes setting up the space: whether you have a magickal altar at home or are just performing the work in your front room, you need to set the scene. Magickal work is so much easier performed in the right mode with the right atmosphere, so simply set your space with candles and light some incense to purify the room and set the vibrations right, and once you have gathered all you need for whatever magick you are performing, you are now ready to begin (once you have locked the door, unplugged the phone and switched off the mobile – all potential disturbances can create havoc so be prepared as forwarded is for-armed in successful spell-casting!!)

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