Selling your house…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

It is always interesting when people want to sell their house and it is one of the most requested situations for help, especially in this financial climate. So here are a few Green Witch tips to help the sale of your home if this is what you or someone around you need. However, I am a great believer that the house waits for the right person and only sell when meant to change hands so don’t get too impatient, but these titbits will help attract the right person faster.

1. Cleanse your home with sage or frankincense to clear any negative emotions within the 4 walls. Start at the centre of the home and walk clockwise round each room clockwise round the home. When each room has been smoked, then open all windows and doors (still going round clockwise all the time). Close all the windows again maintaining the same directional circuit then refill each room with smoke again but this time, leave the smoke to permeate all those corners, and the cleansing is done. (This should also be the initial routine on arrival in a new home).

2. Take a green candle and anoint with patchouli or Vetivert (mine contain these two oils so half the work is already done). Now draw a house on the candle with a quartz point and mark sold across it. Hold the candle in your power hand (the one you write with) and visualise shaking hands on the sale, signing the contract and being handed the cheque for the minimum amount you need to get. Light the candle daily for at least an hour and snuff out at the end of each session. Continue to light the candle daily until the house is sold.

3. Go outside and put some wishing grains (grains of paradise) in your power hand, close your eyes and visualise as above. Now simply throw a few grains to the north, then the east, the south and then the west and walk away. Repeat once or twice weekly until the sale is complete.

4. When you have viewers for the house, sprinkle geranium oil in the doorway for a welcome homely feel as this will help people relax and feel at home in your house and hopefully make them want it.

Take note of these tips and you should be moving out in no time!!

Word of warning: one customer came in and complained that she was out of a home because the house sold too quickly…shame!! If there is a minimum on that, see the date on the cheque you are receiving!! Just shows you cannot please all of the people all of the time!!

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