Saving money with natural cleaning…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Keeping the home cleansed and purified is a necessity for a magickal home. With today’s financial situation, we have to go back in time and bring back age-old ideas to save money. So I am going to do Quick-tips to help you save money using simple ideas of old. Some may help and some will be of no use to you at all. Take what you can use and disgard the rest but can help around the home by just using kitchen cupboard basics.

I love my red wine for health reasons ovbiously!! If you spill red wine on a light carpet, you immediately follow it with white wine. None available? Then simply cover the stain completely with salt and leave overnight. Hoover off in the morning and all should be well again (works for me and I have tested it so many times!!)

Stain removers for clothes…

For mums, here are some tips that I have always used since my kids were born:
Greasy stains can be removed by using a brown envelope or muslin nappy – simply place over the stain and iron and watch the grease collect.

Ink stains an issue, especially on white school shirts? Dab with milk on some cotton wool and watch the ink disappear, and then wash the shirt as normal.

If tomato sauce is a problem, then wash the item and hang it out facing the sun and the stain will simply fade. Simple tips but effective & cheap…

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